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Should i have another surgery??

Im 23 and I have Endometriosis. Ive had one Lap in February… Symptoms are back and getting worse. Im doing what i can with diet an lifestyle but i can tell its back and i dont want scarring to cause future fertility issues. Should i consider another Lap or just keep doing as i am?
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You should ONLY have another surgery with an endometriosis specialist! They are your only chance at beating this disease and taking your life back...endometriosis causes scarring and fertility issues...trust me it did for me...never had surgery and had frozen pelvis...I lost my chance at children because of the lack of specialists and forums like this with women helping women get into the right medical hands...so get your records sent off to a specialist and see what they have to say! No I would not have another surgery by an oby/gyn...if they can't remove endo from the colon...move on they are not specialists! If you need help finding one...I can help!
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unfortunately you are not current on endometriosis research...You might want to go here to get up to speed ~
Hysterectomy is NOT a cure...as have MANY women only to have endo continue inside the pelvis...
Excision (cutting it out) of the disease (like a cancer) in the hands of a trained endometriosis specialist gives you the best chance at beating this disease!
I have spoken with 100's of women who had excision with specialists who kept their organs and are now doing much better! I have spoken with as many who have had their organs removed (I am one of those women) only to have a much worse outcome!
This pill you speak of may work if it was done in the infancy of the disease but unfortunately since it starts in the embryo by the time we begin seeking help the best answer is not a pill or supplement of any kind...trust me I tried them all! Wasted ALOT of money...only to end up with excision in the end...If I had not wasted so much time in the wrong hands and trying these pills that don't work I may have had a better outcome...so NO a pill will not fix endo..it may not hurt but it won't fix it...a hysterectomy will NOT fix endo...excision surgery is the only way to deal with it...cut it out like a cancer...if only it were as simple as taking a pill...Please do your research! If it worked for you ~ I am beyond happy for you...but women need accurate information not guided to buy supplements while the disease continues to destroy their pelvis and chances at a pain free life...
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over 13 years of "conservative treatment" gave my disease PLENTY of time to damage my insides...don't let this be your story!
for me the first symptom was heavy bleeding...I was 11 years old...
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