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Stage 3 Endometriosis--what does this mean?

I have a dear friend who has been TTC with her husband for over 3 years now.  Today, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Endometriosis.  What does this mean and what do the different stages mean?  I have heard people in these forums say that "got rid of" their endo and/or got rid of it but it came back -- is this possible?  My friend is 27 years old and in otherwise good physical condition -- will this positively affect her odds of still being able to get pregnant?  

If you have any success stories out there about getting pregnant after this diagnosis, I would love to hear them so I can share them with her.  Reality stories are welcome too but I know she's needing to here some positive news so I hope there are some good stories out there.  

Thank you all in advance for taking the time to respond!  
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Hi huni, i  am sorry ot hear about your friends diagnosis. Endo is a really nasty thing.  It is the higher the stage the worse the endo. Stage 3 endo usually means that the endo is in several areas and there are adhesions. I have stage 3 endo and it is on the underside of my uterus, my bowel, bladder, right ovary. I had surgery 2 years ago but the docs are now reluctant to do any more surgery.
Endo can affect your chances of conceiving but that doesnt mean she wont. I had my surgery and several months later discovered i was pregnant naturally. Unfortunately i miscarried at 10 weeks but we were told we would never conceive naturally due to endo and male factor infertility. I also have a friend who has stage 4 endo and after ivf she got a positive pregnancy test and is now 20 weeks. There are plenty of success stories for people with endo getting pg either naturally or with treatment. I hope everything works out for her. xx
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