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Sudden SHARP Pain. Is this Endo Pain?

I have been presumptively diagnosed with endometriosis for the past 8 months, meaning I haven't had a laparoscopy to confirm.  My pain is usually a gnawing/aching pelvic pain concentrated around my inner right hip bone. It can make it cumbersome to eat and move, and will eventually build up to create anxiety and fatigue.  

Suddenly, I've been having very strong pain on my right side (again near my hip bone, but also higher and more general).  This pain is sharp, sudden, and paralyzing.  It will leave me shaking, gasping, and frightened to move again (as if moving might make it worse).

I am concerned about taking the endometriosis NSAID's I have, in case this pain is from something else. (?)

LADIES WITH ENDOMETRIOSIS, have you ever had pain that feels like this? What does your pain feel like?
[The pain I'm having makes me imagine a small blade is sitting just inside my hip bone, and, when I move, it cuts into the tissue around it (miserable right?)]
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yes endometriosis can cause all the symptoms you describe, but it can also be many other things causing the pain...so you best bet is to have the surgery to confirm or deny that you have the disease because then you can move forward on the best treatment for what it is you are dealing with...without a true diagnosis...it's nothing more then guesswork...and I would not be ok with this if it were me...plus, if it is endometriosis the best chance at beating the disease is in getting it excised sooner rather then later when it has had a chance to do much damage like many of us gals now live with...figure out what's truly going on so you know how to move forward. good luck!
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I have severe endo with my ovaries stuck to appendix and bowel.  I have pain in my hip, like a burning aching feeling, constant ache in my pelvis, aching in my thighs, and a stabbing feeling.  Also pain in my lower back which also aches most of the time.  Could be endo you have but you should be looked at to rule out anything else
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