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Terrified... Endometriosis and Fertility... Advice?

Hello everyone. I am only 19 and we found out just yesterday with the start of my period that I have endometriosis. There is no history of it in my family at all, but we do have a very long line of Ovarian Cysts which I also have. For the past four years I have had a rupture on my right side every four months exactly. So I suppose there is a connection there since many say endo is also connected to ovarian cysts. This month my cycle was very strange, for I have been charting for the last 8 months; it's been consistently getting more off track. Since October I have been taking progesterone pills prescribed by my doctor; you take 1 every night for 10 days, three days after ovulation. This was the fourth month where I was supposed to have another cyst rupture and thanks to the progesterone I didn't. However I think through the elimination of previous problems, the underlying issue was finally able to emerge; endometriosis. I am scheduled hopefully for a surgery in the beginning of March to fix this.
I am not married, I am in college with a full ride scholarship to be a nurse, but my BF and I are very decided in what we want to do with our lives and in the future how we want to be together. We would want nothing more than to raise a family, and very shortly after marriage. IVF is against our faith so we wouldn't be able to do it, but I am not opposed to adoption at all. Even if I have children I would want to adopt. The only issue is... Is there any hope? I've been told since I am still young at 19 the tissues and all will have better chance to heal, but I am just so unsure, and it hurts SO bad. Is it even worth it? Thanks so much all.
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I was diagnosed when I was 16. I had surgery and went onto BC to help control it. I was told BC was the only way to protect my fertility. I'm glad I listened. BC is against my religion, but I wasn't sexually active and it was for medical reasons only. At age 20, I stopped taking it 3 months before my wedding. I conceived a month after our wedding. (unfortunately I miscarried the first two pregnancies, don't know why.) I am currently pregnant with our seventh child. I hadn't had any issues since I stopped taking BC. Don't lose hope, your fertility isn't destroyed. I do recommend following your doctor's advice until your ready to start a family.
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Yes, there is hope and Yes, it is worth it!  Take a deep breath, everything will workout!  I had stage IV endo.(it was everywhere). I had  surgery and was given two rounds of Lupron. I was told I wouldnt have children, my son is 10! :) Praying for you!
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My advice.. Go on BCP or Lupron until you are ready to conceive.  Every period you have the endo tissue will bleed within you and cause scar tissue. Using BCP or Lupron keeps the endo tissue under control.
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When I was 17 I was diagnosed with endo and told that If I wanted babies I needed to start ASAP after my surgery. I had surgery when I was 18 then got married 6 months later.   When I was 19 I was diagnosed with pcos and was told I had less than a 13% chance of getting pregnant.  I was devastated.   My now ex husband told me he wanted a divorce (he was cheating) and I moved back to my home town with my family and now I am pregnant 23 weeks with twins :).  So there is hope but you have to keep yor faith strong and know that there is a possibility of having your family :).  Best of luck and praying for you
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Thank you so much to all.. This really does give me hope. It is one of my main concerns and I would give anything to preserve it. The surgery is being scheduled for a month from today so hopefully this will help and I will talk to my doctor about BC. Even though it is against my religion, I do know it is ok for medicinal reasons, especially because I am not sexually active like that. Thank you so much.
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