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What would u do?

I'm 25 and in October 2013 I started having really bad pain in what feels like my right ovary area, along with tremendous pain trying to sit or have sex. I really bad pain in my whole feminine region but especially on the right side. I almost always have a dull form of pain that get increasingly worse around my period but only on the right side. My fiancé even took me to the emergency room one time cause it felt like a hot water ballon poped inside me and I had the cold sweats and was throwing up. They said they thought maybe i had an ovarian cyst rupture, but my family doctor didn't think there was enough fluid for that to be it. I went to an OB-GYN and had my annual pap nothing came back abnormal, and all the ultrasounds were good looking as well. So they said there was a possibility it could be endometriosis and gave me the alternative of changing to Desrogen another form of birth control for a few months skipping my period or I think he said laparoscopy a form of surgery to explore and check and if needed take care of the endometriosis. Of course I chose the pill cause I didn't want to jump right to surgery. But after a month I'm still having the pain, and no sex drive, and now my Breast hurt like hell 24-7. After some research I'm starting to think maybe I should have had the surgery. I'm young and still want kids and am afraid to jeperdise that future. Plus I'm so tired of fealing like crap and hurting so bad nothing seems to take the pain away. What should I do?
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I would consider having the lap done. That way you know for sure what is going on. Make sure your doctor is trained to remove any endo that may be found when in there. My pain was constant on the right side but worse with my period and ovulation. I get ovarian cysts also so it took awhile for me to finally figure out what was wrong. My doctor was able to excise it with the da vinci robot. I wish you the best!
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