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Where can I find help?

I've recently been having a lot of problems with my body, the first thing I noticed was that my period was missing.
I havn't had my period for 2 months, this is rare but I know that it always comes and go whenever it wants to, though
I've never really missed it before.
I started adding up different sympthoms I've been having for several years now but that NOW start to show; ALL AT ONCE.

I've always had Dysmenorrhea (painful menstuation) and Menorrhalgia (a lot of difficulties during menstration;
powerful PMS, severe pain and I've been bleeding more than normal)
The pill never worked for me, didn't help me at all with pms or lowering the blood.

These last five years I have been worring about Infertility aswell, I've never been pregnent and i've had
unprotected sexual intercourse almost all the time these last 5 years.

Have had much problems with inflammation of the bladder wich often leads to blood in urine.

Last week I had blood in my stool, right now I have a lot of blod in my urine and it's painful to urinate.
I've also started to have problem with Urinary frequently at night, this has not been a problem before,
it just started this last month. I've always had problems with constipation, only doing "number 2" once or
twice / week. But it hasn't bothered me that much before, but from time to time it causes me a lot of trouble
(like right now, i've got terrible pain in my stomach and I can't do anything, when I try to "push"
all that comes is bloodcolorued urine and it's just painful)

About a year ago i started to get really painful muscle spasm (or whatever it is) during and after intercourse.
sometimes its worse sometimes it's nothing at all. But when It happens I can feel it for days after, and when it's at
its worse i'm just laying on the floor cramping and it feels like someone is taking 1000 knifes and stabbing me
in the lower part of the stomach.
Just now I started to read about Endometriosis and that's why I started to add things up together, this could be
an answer to why there has always been so much trouble with me..

I would really want to do a Laproscopy to see if there is anything implying on that it could be Endometriosis.
I just want help, I can't live like this anymore.
This is affecting my sleep, my sexlife and my future. What if I am suffering from infertility?
I'm worried and I need help.

Where should I turn to get help? I just moved to ireland I have no idea how the system works.
Can someone give me a hand and a push in right direction?

Kind regards,
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Ya I can understand how that would be so frustrating.  

If the pain has started since your first menses then it most likely is endo.

You probably have a cyst which can be shrunk with the pill.  No always but it can reduce it in size or completely get rid of it depending on the type of cyst.

So the best thing to do is get the US first to see whats going on inside. If they find nothing then you might want to try the pill continuously to see if it makes a difference.  

If you need anything else I am here :)
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Hi and thanks to your reply!!! Really appriciate it and I'm going to contact the local OBGYN. I live in Dublin so shouldn't be that hard to find..

I don't recall me ever having a lot of rectal pain, not related to my period and not random either.
I have tested for pregnancy and it's negative, have tested every week for a 4 weeks period now, since my period has been gone for so long and there is no signs at all of it..
I am 22 years old, soon to be 23, and I can imagine that me moving to ireland getting a new job, new friends and everything is effecting me somewhat, but I don't feel stressed, actually I havn't felt this good in years, and some of the problems I described has been with me since I got my first period.. And I got my first period when i was 12.

If he goes to deep it kills me, and the fact is Ive tried sex with different guys and it's equally painful when it does hurt. It doesn't hurt ALL THE TIME, but when it does its killing.. And I guess im making it worse by thinking about that it MIGHT hurt and then i get tense and ... blablabla you know, it's not a good thing.

Just before I moved to Irelnad I was supposed to go and do a real ultrasound because they considered it to be well needed since I had so much problems, but then I moved and missed my apointment so now I have to start all over again.
It's just so hard to start over again HERE when I don't know how anything works and everything is new..

But thank you sooo much for your reply, it was really helpful!
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One thing I cant help you with is a Doctor is Ireland, but I would google the city in Ireland that you live in for and endometriosis/fertility expert.  That is how I found the most amazing doctor.  

I read reviews about him and well he couldnt do my surgery because I had previous bowel surgery and because of some hospital stipulation he send me to another doctor that was just as good.  

Do you have any rectal pain right before, especially during your period?

Do you ever have random rectal pain like knives stabbing you there?

Have you tested if you are pregnant?

If you are stressed your period can stop.  How old are you?

How old were you the first time you got your period?

When you have sex does it hurt more when he goes deep inside?

Have you ever had an ultrasound and Trans-vaginal ultrasound done?

You seem to me like you have read a lot about what is ailing you and it does sound a lot like endo.  

Here is what I would do, I would call and OBGYN that is in your city and ask if they know of any endo speecialists.  I would actually call a couple of different OBGYN's and get all the names that you can.  I would go to your doctor, as for a referral to the doctor of your choice after reading up on them, ask for an ultrasound to see if there are any cysts (which might be why its affecting urination because it might be pushing on your bladder), I would have a CA-125 blood test done (this is a cancer screening marker that is also used to check for endo.  If its above 35 it means you have inflammation.  Its always good to have that blood test taken regardless as a women.  

Once you have all that bring all the results that you can, write down all of your symptoms and bring it to the doctor.  

If you find the doctor isnt listening to you go to a different doctor.

Have you ever tried taking the birth control pill continuously?  No stops?  That is the one thing that has worked for me.  I get breakthrough bleeding every 5 months for 3 days with no pain, but this is after I had my surgery.  I am not sure how I would do on it before my surgery.

They might ask you to take Lupron before or after your surgery I would advise against it as it has severe side effects.

I take Marvelon21 and its a low dose birth control but it works wonders for me.

If you look at my profile and my surgery, I had a child before it and the doctor couldnt believe it.  I was like you, I had unprotected sex so many times and never got pregnant.  When I was with my daughters father we had unprotected sex for a year and a half every single day (because he was a sex maniac) and he would *** every time and it still took that long. I really never thought I could have a child but I was mistaken.

If you have any other questions feel free to email me and ask :)  
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