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Where to go from here

hello.  After months of pain, a CT, a trans-vaginal sono and an MRI, my gyn says "you have endometriosis and an endometrioma."

I have a million questions for those of you that have been through things and can give some advice.

My sono showed a uterine polyp, but the MRI did not. so, the dr wants me to have a sonohystogram (which I have heard horror stroies about) She said that would show what type or how involved the surgery will have to be.

She then wants to do surgery to remove the endometrioma/endometriosis and then put me on 6 months of lupron (which I'm also a little scared of)  I can't go on the pill because I have a blood clotting disorder.

My husband wants to know what he needs to expect and how long will I be out of commission.We have two teens and a toddler at home and you know how men can be :)  ..they can't do half of what women can do :)....I dont know what to say because my dr isnt giving a lot of details....she didnt even tell me anything about the SHG, except that they fill your uterus with water...I looked the procedure up online and found out about the cramping, etc.

Thank you for any help or advice you can give.
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Hey mamiJ

Sorry I can't help you with the SHG, have not had one but have had everything else you mentioned including a laparoscopy which resulted in removal of an endometrioma and my left ovary due to severe endo attached to my bowel, tubes, pelvic wall, uterus.  I also had a polyp which showed on the U/s so not sure why they need to do the SHG if they already know it's there and are going to do surgery anyway??  Maybe ask why they need to do this if they're 'going in there' anyhow and will see it and remove it during surgery.  My polyp was removed during surgery.  If you're not sure of your surgeon or if they are not answering your questions properly go to another one.  It is YOUR body after all which they tend to forget!!  Many women on this forum have gone to 4, 5, 6 different gynos for opinions so don't feel bad abuot it.

SO to answer your question how long will you be out of action.  When I went in they were just thinking they would remove the endometrioma and polyp and do a hysteroscopy, D& C through laparopscopy which would mean 1 night in hospital and 1 week off work.

BUT ... due to the endo being so severe and the need to remove the whole ovary I was 5 days in hospital and am still recovering and was given 3 weeks off work.

Hopefully yours will be a simple laparoscopy like mine was SUPPOSED to be but having said that everyone is different and even if it is you could feel better in a week, two weeks or a bit longer.

All the best and keep me posted.
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Did the MRI diagnos u with endo? I was told the only way to diagnos endo was through surgery.
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they said they saw a lot of endometriosis and an endometrioma on the MRI???
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Hi there.  They thought I had a cystoadenoma, cancer in an ovary, doing TVUS and I had surgery a little over a month ago, and what the GYN found was a 6 cm or bigger endometrioma and was given a 3-month Lupron shot to help the endometriosis and improve my fertility.

The only way that I know they can know for sure what's going on is doing surgery.

Best wishes,

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You cannot see endometriosis on an MRI, they are so tiny, the only way to see it is through a laporoscopy. Hopefully it was a misunderstanding and not a dumb doctor!

I have had to lap's done. The first I was back to school in 4 days, the second was pretty invasive, and they found a lot, cauterized some too. Plus I have the worse luck and got a bladder and urinary tract infection, total days out was 10 days.

They usually say 5-7 days if everything goes easy. I would defiantly ask about procedures doctors want to have done for you, because these can be costly, and maybe not even needed! Remember doctors are humans too, and sometimes they forget that we are not doctors, and cannot afford some of these costly procedures, especially if they are not needed.

I was on Lupron-Depo and Depo-Provera, Lupron is like a pseudo-menopause, some (not all cause we are all different) have night sweats, mood-changes etc. I did not notice such problems and Lupron worked short term for me. However longer term I was on Depo-Provera. It work fine. I do believe that I did gain weight, but that could just be I was feeling better.

I am currently not on anything, and I highly do not suggest that. I was afraid of being on the depo for 11 years may have some negative effects on my ability to have children someday.

Good luck with everything!
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