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Will Lupron help me to get pregnant?

I m 25 yrs old & trying to conceive for almost a year.I had severe endometriosis.I just had a laproscopy a month ago.My doctor suggests me to have lupron shots for 6 months.Would that help me to get pregnant? Is there any other alternative too than lupron shots to get pregnant?Is there anyone who is on same boat? I know the horrible effects of Lupron......i want to know about pregnancy..Thankyou
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I too had endometriosis and was place on lupron.  Lupron only stop your period for a while.  Lupron do not help you get pregnant.  after 6 months on it he may start you on fertility treatment to help you get pregnant. i have been trying to get pregnant for 3 yrs now May be IVF will work for you it did not work for me after 3 try but everyone is different
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I was wondering if you ever started the Lupron shots?  I just had my laparoscopy on Friday and my doctor also wants me to start the Lupron shots for 6 months, and then after that he said I can try to get pregnant.  My doctor is pretty confident that I can get pregnant....so we will see.  How has your Lupron been?  Any side effects for you?
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I was on Lupron about a year ago for 3 months then had a laparotomy in hopes that it would help me get pregnant.......well a year and a half later and i'm still in the same boat.

I'm about to start Lupron again anyday now for 4 months, then have a Laparotomy again to remove the endo. Once the surgery is done my Dr is going to start IVF, he's very confident that this will help get me pregnant!!!

Good luck to you
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Had no issues got preg first time first try in Jan 2007, almost 2 years later told I had endometrosis.  I had laprascopy June 2009 and followed with 6 month Lupron treatment.  I got 2 injections (once in July and one in October 2009)  I took another hormone with it in tablet form aigestion (I spelled wrong:) It helped with side effects.  I followed up with doc a week after the 6 month mark..said I could start trying to get pregnant..I have had 3 period since the lupron should be out of my system.  after I did not get preg first month, I tried ovulation sticks (cheaper method), still nothing, I bought a fertility monitor (way expensive) and used during my last month.  I showed high fertility levels for days 9-22 but no peak, so I am not even sure if I am ovulating at this point..my doc gave no info as to I might have a hard time or nothing..JUst that I was good to go..  let me know how your progress goes..good luck
Hi, did you ever got pregnant? If so, how long after the lupron treatment?
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I did lupron a few years back for 5 months. I was able to get pregnant afterwards but it took me almost 4 years. I am now having trouble again and may have to do the lupron again. If it works for you it is great! I had some side effects yes but the pain was gone and that was that thing I could not tolerate!
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Hello! Im in lupron also its been six months. I had my period last week for three days, but, me and my boo, was having s** and he came inside me im wonderimg my self if its possibility to get pregnant? Please. Tnx in advance.
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