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can a endometrioma show up on a ct scan? can you feel it when you walk?

hi everyone- so happy to find support in here. great to read the stories and know i am not alone- 5 years ago i had a 12 cm endometriemo removed and i was told to go on my way- i was healthy again. went on to have a tummy tuck a few years later and have been in good shape-

recently i have felt the presence of something in my stomach - but sort of high up eather pushing up or higher up. i am not in pain...a bit sick to my stomach. i can feel something when i walk or when i am sitting- the last one was 5 years ago so i barely remember but i think i sort of felt the endometromia cyst then to when i walked. and i didnt have pain that time eather-

i am in a new state with new doctors did have my yearly with my gyno about 8 months ago no problems found-

i went to see my internet who then said she thought it was a umbulical hernia- went to see a surgeon who said he didnt feel a hernia but ordered a ct scan to check for adhesions from all the surgerys i have had 5 total. i had the ct scan yesterday and now waiting for the ct scan with worry- have any of you had any same sort of incidents happen to you?

even though you have not been in any real pain - i would say more discomfort if anything could you actauly feel your cyst if it was large when you walked or when you were sitting down? will the ct scan show a endometromona or are they gonna scare the daylights out of me and say masses found when it could be in fact the endo back again? i tried to explain my past history but they didnt really pay much attention? so worried and feel like i am not in control - help
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It shows up on an ultrasound so most definitely if you had an endometrioma attached to your ovary it would be seen and noted as a blood filled cyst (Endometrioma)

Because you had previous surgery for the cyst and a tummy tuck, what you could be feeling is adhesions. They can cause the tugging and pulling/pain etc. If it is adhesions then it will not show up on anything.  Well I cant say that for sure. If it is twisting your bowels you might be able to see that.  
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I had two scans, on the first they didn't show up. the second one done  a year later they did. I think it can depend on the time of the month they are done and how big they are. Also the second scan was at an OB / GYN specialist radiologist and they put it on a huge screen to look at it whereas the first screen was at a general radiologist who looked at it on a tiny little screen.
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As far as I know CT scans can show them.  Mine showed up on a CT scan.  If they didn't pay much attention to your past history than you should call and have a chat with someone that will listen.
I am not sure if you can feel then when you walk or not.  Wish I could be of more help there.
Good Luck!
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