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could my PCOD diagnosis be endometriosis?

I am afriad that i may have endometriosis.  I have been diagnosed with PCOD, with an ultrasound.  The ultrasound showed only both ovaries, slight enlarged with more than 12 follicles.  The endometrium as 2.5, do you think that the doctor woudl have noticed endometriosis on an ultrasound?  When I get my periods, i have "pieces" expelled, no real pain though.  I do have a problems with weight gain/loss; If I gain too mcuh weight, I will not get my period, if I loose too much, I will get a period that will not stop, that I take a progesterone birth control pill for a couple fo days to stop the bleeding.

  I am afraid of letting the wrong diagnosis go for too long.  I am 32, without children (I have never really "tried" to have children yet), I should have been pregnant though, I have had unprotected sex for over a year.  I do  not want to to invasive surgury to get a gignosis for endometriosis, but I dont want to wait~ im afraid of getting cancer.
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I'm not a doc, but I think the dx of PCOD(or PCOS) sounds right. I have the same thing, but I also have endo. During my periods, I also have pieces expelled, but sometimes they are big pieces and I also pass clots.
Endo will not show up on u/s or ANY test. Docs can only tell you have endo for sure is if you have a laparoscopy done. It's not real invasive and the recovery time is fairly quick.
Do you use Ovulation kits to have timed sex during the month?
I hope everything turns out okay and if you have any questions feel free to send a message any time :)

Hugs and Good Luck :)
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