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delay menstruation, abdominal cramps with endometriosis

I have miss my periods for more than ten days. My cycle is always regular although I have painful periods due to endometriosis. I took evening primrose oil 500 mg twice a day to increase fertility. I am not doing any protection as I've ttc for 10 years. I just had a failed ivf on july and now i'm wondering why is my periods delay and experience abdominal cramps on the left side. There is no spotting or sort of a vaginal discharge. I haven't done any test as I thought it was too early. I also experience tender breast and frequent urinating. Is it possible to get pregnant with a blocked fallopian tube, hydrosalphinx uterus, adhenomyosis, severe enndometriosis and chocolate cyst or anything worse might happpen. Has anyone here conceive with endometriosis?
Please help.
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I like to think anything is possible, especially with this disease already being so negative. If it hasn't shown it's head by day 14 deffinately see your doctor!

Sometimes my periods will be 5-7 weeks between, some times I miss them. But if you are ttc you just never know! I will be praying and hoping for you that it is the miracle you want! :)
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thanks for  your comment and hope for the best.
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