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endo pain.

Hey everyone, Im new on here. and had a question and wanted to see if anyone could relate to...i was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 20 and had surgery a year later at 21 to find out endometriosis was comfirmed on my uterus. i was feeling so much better for the first year after surgery. and now im 23 and the pain has been on an off....ive learned to just live with the pain cause i was told the only cure is once i have a baby which i dont plan on having one anytime soon so till then im on the nuva ring without having a period to help with the pain. but this is my question this week i started having extreme pain that was so not tolerable anymore and my pain meds napraxon wasnt helping the pain at all! and i felt like i was having symptoms of a uti with out the burning senation cause i have to keep going to the bathroom and i feel like i havent really emptyed out my blatter.....and the pain gets worse the longer i sit so everynow and then i just have to get up to ease the pain a little. so last night i started getting nervous and called my gyno dr and he put me on antibiotics incase its a uti and gave me stronger pain pills and said if im not better in 2 days with the pain and the frequent bathroom trips to call and he would have me go right in for and exam and ultra sound....my fear is could it be a cyst? or just the endo getting worse? just curious if anyone else had this going on.
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i have pain on and off too. i have been in and out of the hospital just for that. By stronger pain meds i am assuming you mean percocet or vicodin which can cause constipation and that in itself can be painful. It could be a cyst, i would go into the exam for an ultra sound just to be sure. I had a series of cysts before I was diagnosed.
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I do want to say that when your doctor said that "having a baby will help with the pain" is a doctor who does not know a lot about Endometriosis.

Not everyone with Endometriosis is the same.

After the birth of my daughter I got 100% worse. So I don't believe the having the baby theory that many doctors throw out there.

The only way to combat Endometriosis is Excision surgery not laser.

Do you know if you had excision or laser?

When was your last ultrasound? That you need to do once a year a least even if you are taking something to suppress it. Some meds work for some people some dont.

When you speak of bladder issues you are having did the antibiotic clear it up? Do you often get UTI's? Is that why your doctor gave you the script without going in? It could be possible you have interstitial cystitis. Look that up and see if any of the symptoms sound the same as what is going on with your right now.

Let me know how it goes
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