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hello i recently had surgery six weeks ago to determine if i had endometriosis because for about two years i had pain that no one understood. The doctor did a histoscopy,laproscopy, and a D&C to determine what was wrong and they found it was endometriosis but the doctor said it was the worse cause he has seen in someone my age, so we felt it was best to have a hysterectomy so next friday which is sept.2 is my surgery but i feel really pregnant the problem is after i had my son who is now 16 months i got on the depo i was suppose to get another shot on the 18th of aug. but because of my surgery the doctor said it was no need. could i be pregnant with all these things going on? and i have two kids 4year old and a one year old so i know how it feels to be pregnant. my feet have been swollen, i vomit almost twice a day, and i constantly feel faint. the doctor has me taking lortab for pain can this just be the effects of the meds cause i been taking them for a while or could i be infact pregnant.
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I would hold off on the hysterectomy until you are 100% sure that is what is best for you and what you want.

I had stage IV endometriosis and trust me I was my doctors worst case as well but he was an endometrosis specialist and removed every last bit off it, without having to remove anything.  

You need to get a second opinion from someone who specializes in this disease. The ones that dont offer up a so called quick fix by having a hyster when in fact it could be the worst thing you could do.  

Not everyone recovers the same from a hyster. You could be in pain no but you could be in 100x more with a hyster. Everyone is different, but for your doctor to believe that's what needs to be done is one that does not have knowledge on the disease and you need to see another doctor.

Where do you live?

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