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endometriosis or.....

Unfortunately, i may have a long relevant history.
It starts with me being diagnosed for HPV. out of fear of also having HIV i worried myself sick (literally). When i started to get better i had small pelvic pain, far between at first. In a few days it was constant and much more intense. I worried about PID. The doctor confirmed it because of a fishy odour and the symptoms i described. i got antibiotics which then led to a horrible yeast infection. near the end of the infection which was rather long, i felt a dull pain in my pelvic region again but quite the same, with some blood in ovulate discharge. By the time i got to a gyn the pain was gone, nothing was found in a vaginal swab as to anything being out of the ordinary, and ovule were prescribed to clear up any residual yeast (i was using the cream before). During the day of having the second ovule, i worried about condom failure. During the next few days i felt discomfort and wondered if it was a sign of pregnancy or a return of bacteria vaginosis ( for whatever reason). This was 5 week prior to this message. Today is sunday and on wednesday i tested negative on a pregnancy test and am without pregnancy symptoms.

I know that neem (herbal tree used alot in india) has antibacterial properties. i had taken it prior to goin to the doctor that gave me the antibiotics and the pain and fever died about an hour after having it. the antibiotics messed me up and gave me a yeast infection so i was not up to getting them again. So i started on the neem again and kept it up a little over a week. i stopped and the pain came back a day later and in 2 days was stronger than when i first took the neem. I then read that neem also has pain-killer properties. So i have had trouble understanding if the neem had any other effect.

However, i went on the neem (tea) again and moderated my dosage, and regulated the time i had the three cups. I stopped about 2 weeks after. The pain came back along with fever and sinus problems which i must add were always present except for the pain with the yeast infection period.

i stopped the neem on tuesday since i thought the sinus problems may have been an allergic reaction to the neem.
So, i woke up on wednesday, the day i went and got the pregnancy test done, with a notable lump centre of my pelvis, later explained to be lymph nodes that are swollen. i went to the doctor on friday, and the lump, fever and sinus problems were gone. nothing in a urinalysis, no diarrhea too confirm gastro, no pain when she applied pressure to my pelvis all over....however i felt pain right below my diaphram, which we found odd, but only when pressure is applied. so without the pain in the pelvis with pressure, she ruled out pelvic inflammatory disease. I believe that would have been gone with the neem as well as any pervasive candida (throughout the body).

currently, sinus problems are back along with fever, mouth cavity feels weird (not throat, though that gets sore with the drainage at times) and the pain is there if i am in any position other than level on my back. I worry that it may be endometriosis, i have no back pain, no vomitting but had slight nausea, no diarrhea, but i have chronic pain between periods. i have one coming up on tuesday, if it comes i will gage the pain and volume to see if i get any clues.

i believe that is all....
thank you for reading if you have
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