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endometrosis/ 2ed ovarian cyst concidering hystorectomy

Here is my situation:
I'm 35, have 2 children and not having anymore. I had my left ovary removed 3 years ago after ending up in the E.R. in severe pain and a cyst three times my ovary which began tearing. At that time my doctor tried to remove just the cyst without taking the ovary but could not due to emdometriosis and leaking fluid due from the cyst that had everything sticking together. He was not able to remove all the endometrosis at the time. I have been on lo loestrin since my surgery. I am now back in the doctors office with another cyst a bit bigger on my right ovary. Because of fibromialgia and other disc problems I am on alot of pain management medications. I am still having adominal pain, pain with intercorse,urinary and bowel pain, back pain, headaches,sleep problems, bleeding between cycles, extreme tiredness, and have been crying for seemingly no reason. Two years ago my hormones were tested and i was going into perimenopause and my doctor added estradial. Now my testastrone is low. My Gyno has given me the option of just cyst removal all the way up to a total hysterectomy. Im so frustrated and tired of feeling bad. I feel awful most of the time and its not only taxing to me but my family.

Heres my questions;
Is a hysterectomy the right choice in the long run? I dont want to end up in surgery again if i could. I am aware hystomectomy is not a fix all and the endometriosis can return but the chance is much less.

Is hormone therepy a must? Is it smart to see what my body does before going back on hormones after surgery?

What type of hystorectomy should I have? I am leaning towards a partial, Taking my ovary thats left and the uturus but leaving the cervics on down.

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A hyster is a 50/50 chance that I too have been going back and forth on. If I was to do it I would remove all of it by a skilled Endo specialist only. I have heard if you have Endo and open surgery is better than vaginal or a laparoscopic hyster.

Some people have been able to do it without hormones but others said within weeks they needed them.

I have researched this for 6 yrs and I see just as many pros as I do cons.

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However if you go to a top specialist it can be done laproscopically.
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