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I suffer from severe endometriosis and have been taking 30/500 cocodamol 10 plus a day and tramadol 50mg 8 a day together for 18 months plus and have now been put on BuTrans Transdermal patch Buprenorphine 5mg/hr per week, i put one on monday at 5.30 and now its 8pm thursday and have had no relief what so ever i've applied a second patch at 6.25pm today i am just hoping to get some idea as to when they will start to help me i am in agony, if anyone can give me some answers or helpplease do
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Natalie, I understand your pain. I used to be active on this site a few months back but had complications with my surgery to excise the endo.
Currently I have a mirena and haven't had any bleeding since October. Daily I use;
-75mg/hr  Fentanyl patch (last 3 days)
- two 40mg oxycotin
- four 5mg endone
- four 300mg Gabbapentin
- 4-8 panadol between doses as needed.

I am 21, diagnosed in June this year. Looking at another surgery early next year to excise the rest of the endo and scar tissue that has formed since the surgeries ( 7 this year, including 2 laparoscopies and 2 laparotomies)
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Wow, Your on a whole slew of meds! I too had endometriosis, Diagnosed when I was 24 .  I am not sure why your Dr. would have put you on Suboxone for this though? Anyways, Can I ask how long you have had Endometriosis? And also what other treatments you have had? Have you been put on BC, Lupron injections? Any Surgeries including Uterine Ablation?

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