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nosebleeds with periods

Very nearly every month for over a year my nose bleeds at least once during my period. Normally they are not bad and do not bother me much, but this morning I woke up to find that it had happened while I was sleeping, and it seemed like more blood than normal, which interested me. So I've been doing some reading and have found that it can be part of endometriosis.

I have some other symptoms also; pain gets worse over time and flow gets heavier, although I think it is still relatively light, and I always feel really exhausted etc. My mother had what I guess must have been pretty bad endometriosis. So it would not surprise me if I had it, too.

I have not talked to any doctors about this yet, but I talked to my mom about it today. I am 18, and she thinks that because I am young it is unlikely that it is the cause. She suggested getting more vitamins and unless it gets very severe she thinks I probably shouldn't have to worry about it.

Is it really necessary to see a doctor or is it more likely something I can just deal with? If so, do you have any suggestions for making the pain less,because things like tylenol and alive don't do much? And if endo is  not the cause of the monthly nosebleeds, I am really wondering what else might cause that?
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I'm 21 and for the past 6 months I've also been getting nosebleeds before or during my period.  I was doing some research today when I ran across this site and your post.  I know that endo is a possible cause, but from what I've read (like your mom said) it usually occurs in older women.  I also read about something called "vicarious menstruation"--it doesn't seem very serious and may be caused by high BP during menstruation or various other things.  So I would look into that a bit.  If it's still something you're worried about then I would maybe see a dr about it.  I might go see one myself just to be on the safe side.  I did read a lot of forums and it appears as if there are quite a few women who are having the same issues, so don't fret :-)
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I'm a 33 year old, and I suffer from severe nosebleeds before my period.  The blood is bright red and can be very heavy.  I did speak to my doctor (female) and she did say its nothing to be worried about, but I do.  It has been happening for over 3 years.  I'm thinking of getting a second opinion because obviously losing this amount of blood each month isn't good.  I'm constantly tired too.
My blood pressure is fine, my periods are very heavy...usually pass blood clots.
If u find out any answers to this problem please let me know.  

It could be pcos which is polycystic ovaries syndrome and can make your periods heavy and can be painful
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Hello. My best friend had that happen for years. We used to laugh because she would get nosebleeds and I would get exceptionally clumsy when we had our periods. She is one of the healthiest people I know and as far as I know, no doctor has ever told her it was something to worry about. If it is a very heavy nosebleed or happens frequently, perhaps there is more to it though.

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Hi I am 23 years old and mother of two. Endometriosis has ruled my life unknowingly for four years. When I went to Dr after Dr to find nothing was wrong and I was crazy I finally told my original GYN he had to do something, I hurt like hell always and got worse with my period. He done a laproscopy to find I was severely eaten up with endometriosis. Immediately he performed a hystorectomy and says it will go away! He was wrong! Nothing makes it go away, unless you get lucky and it somehow dicipates. It's been known to go away for some women after child birth, hystorectomy. For those like me with severe endo, surgery to scrape your organs exterior walls and try to remove as much as possible is the only way to help. It will never go away, it is a form of cancer and will only get worse left untreated. The lupron shot, birth controls etc. only cover some symptoms, the greatest symptom is pain and fatigue. Lupron, birth controls on cover up and prolong endo. it doesnt make it go away or stop it from growing. It is a greatly underestimated and under studied disease in women also young women/teens. They tried saying my probs were IC; which is a bladder condition and it is 98% always treated as IC when Drs do not do surgery first to see what's going on in the reproductive area. I've been yanked around by these idiots so much. Their is a wonderful dr in Memphis, TN. The state above Mississippi. His name is Dr. Martin and specializes in endo. I think endometriosis should be preached to our young teens and moms because you don't have to have sex, or be a mommy to grow endo. It comes from cells from your period growing out side of your organs. It's very harmful, both mentally and physically. If you have a period, your chances of endo are greater than you think. Endo is powered by your estrogen, which are your hormones. I am happy, then sad, crying them laughing at a split second. I had everything removed but my ovaries bc of my age. Endo can and will be the ruler of your life! My husband and I are together now but for three years it destroyed our marriage bc I never felt good, could barely cook, eat, have a sexual relationship or drive with him, couldn't play with kids on daily basis, couldn't do anything! I was so myserable I asked why me! What have i done?! I prayed and prayed so much that I just given up and we seperated! And finally while we were seperated I said this is it I'm either going to kill myself or figure out what's going on! That's how bad it got! I was told it was IC, then cancer, before exploratory surgery. After surgery, it's cancer but a slow growing type which is endo. I have it on my bowels, my lower abdomen, my whole waist/bottom...it's everywhere and will continue to spread until removed, then the growth will slow down! It's a visiuos and unseen condition that will kill your soul and life slowly that you don't even realize its happening! Please let endo be heard, I wish I had known this, it should be put out like HIV. Girls need to know! If your mother has/had it please take pre cautions. If you hurt more and more with each period, if you're heavy bleeder on your period, if you hurt in that area please tell your Dr. Recommend surgery just to see and go from there. It's a small cut less that a half inch and your home 3 hours later Max, it doesn't hurt all that bad... I'm struggling everyday and I want endo to be heard!!! If you have any questions comment please! I wish I knew about this sooner, if you're having a period, now is the time to review! I hope I've helped someone!!!
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Thank you so much KTXMOM, I can completely  understand what you're going through. I am 29 years young but often feel like I'm 95 and I suspect that I have had endo for years, but in the last 8 months the pain and fatigue is so unbearable that I have had no quality of life at all. I work on my feet all day, so I have dropped to 2 shifts a week there and those 2 shifts almost kill me, and thankfully was able to do office work for a family member for the other 3 days which I thought would help, but to be honest, I'm still in severe pain by the afternoon. I get home from work, myself or my boyfriend makes supper, and then I am literally in bed with a heating pad for the night. I feel so guilty that I don't even have the energy and am in way too much pain to play with my Son. I had an ultrasound 8 months ago and they found a cyst which I was told was no big deal, it would go away on its own. The back pain and constant tearing and tugging pain in my stomach just got worse, then I started having serious GI problems, started with severe constipation and nauseousness along with vicious heartburn and indigestion, I had a colonoscopy done and nothing was out of the ordinary. I am on antacid prescription, I started taking align for the nausea and other GI issues, seems to help a bit. I have constant pain on my right side of my abdomen which is where my cyst is, I try not to wear anything tight around my waist because of the pain. I get such a tightness that it feels like im wearing a band around the one side of my waist. I get radiating pain that shoots right from my abdomen to my feet. Sometimes it feels like someone is taking a knife and stabbing me in the crotch and butt. That most often only happens when I have, or am getting my period.  A few trips to the ER brought on a CT scan which showed that the cyst had grown and was hemmheragic. I was told that when it hemmherages it would be very painful, I was given Naproxen which does nothing but give me worse heartburn and was sent home.  I have also had numerous MRI's done of my back and they can't find anything out of the ordinary. Finally after several more trips to ER, my genius doctor says "I wonder if you have endo" so 8 months after all of this hell, I am just now going to see the OB/GYN. In the past couple months right around the time that I should be getting a period, I've been getting nosebleeds and sometimes even coughing up blood, which to be honest scares the crap out of me, I also feel like I have a cold,not sure if this has something to do with the endo or not. I had the depo shot about a month ago and it hasn't done anything, infact I would say I've felt worse. Whatever this is, it is terrible, it has stolen years of my life and it's so depressing and exhausting day after day that sometimes it makes it hard to go on. I am so thankful that I have great family, great friends and an amazing boyfriend for help and support, I couldn't even imagine if I didn't. I go to the OB/GYN next Wednesday which I thought would be for a exploratory laparoscopy or whatever it's called... But unfortunately it's just a consult, so who knows how long it will be before not only getting some relief, but even some solid answers. Best of luck to any and everyone who has to deal with this horrible disease, also I apologize for any spelling and grammar errors, I'm sure there are a few lol.
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Actually I'm the mum of an endo sufferer. She is now 18 but was diagnosed at the age of 16 and her symptoms started with the start of her periods around 13 years old.  It is not the case to say that because you are young you can't have endometriosis and if I were you I would have investigations into your symptoms.
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I too had nose bleeds through the years...it was never connected to my endo, but I have not had one since I now have had my endo cut out by endometriosis excision specialists...so it's been almost 3 years and I had them fairly often...I never really worried about the amount of blood loss as I was to busy seeking help for my pain...I was given a hysterectomy and it did not cure my deeply infilterated endo...the only chance at curing it is to have it cut out at the root by and endometriosis excision specialist and the sooner the better...but only by a specialist! in medical school they spend 15 min on endo and the specialists go on to have much more extensive training in order to be specialists...just like we would not go to our primary for cancer...we should not go to a gynecologist for endometriosis....this is a very serious disease causing much damage in the pelvis so it does need to be removed! The research is now showing that endometriosis begins when we are embryos...and it's develops it's own nerve and hormone supply which is why a hysterectomy is not going to cure every women and I wish I had started with an endometriosis specialist rather then spending my life in the medical system trying to be well...and allowing a hysterectomy and ovarires removed to be done...as this just led to more health issues...I do feel I have beaten endometriosis after 25 years of actively working on it...but due to not being listened to the damage done will forever cause me issues...I now have pelvic floor dysfunction as well as pelvic organ prolapse...my endo went from my anus to my gallbladder and I have had many organs removed because of mismanagement of my disease...including 1/2 my colon...so it's serious and needs a specialist if you want any chance at having a normal life...if you would like to find a specialist in your area...share your city/state or providence...so we can share the closest endometriosis specialist we know of in your area...
Yes please Columbia South Carolina
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I truly think you should seek out a qualified physician who specialises in Endometriosis...
I am a 39 year old woman who has struggled with Endo my enitre life..
My Mother also told me not to be too concerned with the possibility of Endo...
However I am now Infertile due to the Endo...I out off my Diagnostic Laproscopy for 8 years bc my parents both told me i was a hypochondriac....They how NO IDEA how bad my ENDO really was...at the time of my DX Laproscopy...The endometriosis had also damaged my bladder so terribly they had to scrape my bladder free of the endo...It has also spread to my large & Small Intestines...

I would encourage you to not use tampons when you can -  I understand swimming and going to the beach...But on a regular basis- Don't use them...I truly think they have something to do with the retrograde bleeding ....and that this is how we get implants in other areas of our bodies- which causes Us so much additional pain & discomfort.

Go to the Endo Specialist as soon as possible.  They usually have long wait times for new patients....
Don't wait, being stubborn like i did...Id love to have children, and now for me that is not an option

Only you know how your body feels and what it is trying to tell you.

I did the Oral Contraceptive Route for many years and it lessened the pain alot for me as well as the PMS.

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