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please help! need your opinions!

hey ladies.. just need your opinions..  

when i seen my specialist last week i was telling him all of the symptoms i have and he didnt really seem concerned except for the painful period part.. he said usually you have pain with intercourse.. that has only happened to me once but honestly i havent been doing much of it because i am scared its going to hurt.. but i thought painful periods, bloating, gas pains, pain with bowel movements, nausea, cramping throughout the month with no period, the rib pressing into organ feeling, etc was going to be enough.. he did say he was concerned with  the tenderness in my right ovary and offered to do a lap and he offered to talk to the surgeon i seen to make sure i didnt have a hernia (who thought it was muscular and wanted me to go to a pain center but when i seen him i didnt think i was endo) to come in and take a look at my appendix and depending on how it looks possibly remove it..

so what were your symptoms for your dr to think you had endo??  what are your opinions about this?  should i take the lap and run or see if i can see a different dr?  it seems to take so many women so much time for their dr to agree to give them a lap

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I would try to see an Endo specialist not a regular surgeon. Message me where you live and I can give you some names if there are some in your area.

Not everyone has the same symptoms and not everyone with Endo has painful sex.

A lot of your symptoms sound like it but I would suggest I you did have a lap that you have it done by someone who knows what they are looking for and to properly excise it.
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It sounds like you have IBS or a food sensitivity or even Celiac disease.  

What kind of specialist did you see?  A gynecologist?  Because that would match what symptoms he took an interest in, but your symptoms are more digestive.  

It could also be a gallbladder problem.  
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