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pressure on bladder, constant arousal, vaginal spasms

Hi there, please help, I am so sleep deprived its untrue.

Can someone give me some ideas as to what I am up against please? About a month ago, I started with what I thought was a uti as I had a sort of pressure feeling on my bladder area (lower abdomen) and feeling like I couldnt empty my bladder fully. I was straining to the point where nothing comes out. I drank cranberry juice until I literally couldnt drink anymore, however I still have the same feeling. There is no pain at all, just an annoying tickling pressure. When I press down on it, it feels irritated, like it is full, even after urinating. It gets worse, last week I started with a constant pre orgasm feeling in my clitoris. I have masturbated to the point of embarrassment which no relief. I have also become aware that my vaginal muscles will not relax, if I force them to relax, it helps the arousal issue but also feels like Ive had a prolapse and doesnt feel natural. I go to the doctors tomorrow but I just know im going to get fobbed off, so need some ammo to take in with me as they seem to ask the patient what they think is wrong now. I really hope to god i havent got half the stuff that ive googled. Persistant genital syndrome...which is how it feels based on the symptoms will be the worst possible outcome. Please please please pray for me!! I cant cope with this anymore!! I feel like ripping my insides out...please note I do not have an std, I am definately not pregnant..unless my girlfriend can ejaculate sperm and I am normally fit and well.

Many Thank
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Hello sar2686,

I just finished reading your comments. It's good you're going to see your
doctor tomorrow. My doctor has taken to saying, what brings you here
today. One suggestion, even though you may think its' persistant genital
syndrome, I wouldn't tell the doctor that. Personally, I just stick to the
facts, I don't offer a suggestion of what it might be. That's the doctor's
job to figure out what's going on based on the symptoms I describe.
The doctor is the professional and the one who has studied medicine
etc for many years. Hopefully, your doctor will help you figure out what's
going on. I wish you well. Don't give an opinion, just stick to facts. Eve
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First. do you have endometriosis? This could help me answer your question.

It is possible that if you do have endo and you have had a surgery that it could be scar tissue or similar to what I had was a giant cell lesion on my bladder flap which in layman terms is carbon residue from previous laser on my bladder. My ureters were also entrapped with scar tissue and sort of what I was feeling is what you are saying.

The clitoris has the most amount of nerves running to it so it could be an entrapped nerve maybe in the pelvic area.

Also it could be IC which is painful bladder syndrome.

Let me know more details
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Hi there, firstly...eve, my doctors always ask me first what I think I have myself, strange I know but this is a fairly new thing they are doing, probably trying to see how well we recognise our symptoms or something? Tickled...I posted in this forum as I was looking at it at the time of posting as I was googling my symptoms which took me to this forum. I havent had any tests for endo but have been told I have endo cells on my cervix, I have a history of pelvic inflammatory disease and also recently had a bleed on a cyst on my ovary..although again this was never explored further after being in hospital. So there are possibilities I have it? The doctor however diagnosed a lower uti, although was very reluctant to talk about the symptoms in vagina. I have just finished a 3 day course of antibiotics with no relief. I am still struggling to relax my pelvic floor muscles and I still have like a fluttery feeling in my clitoris. Ive had enough now, I just need some relief.
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The PID could have caused some damage. The same thing happened to me. I had surgery recently because of scar tissue and Endo complications and my ureters were attached to my bowel and bladder. I was have urethral spasms which are in the same area as the clitoris and it would be almost like a good feeling and then turned painful.
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Were you able to find relief for your symptoms? Did you finally receive a diagnosis?  I am curious because what you have described is exactly my situation as well.  Endo cells on cervix, tickling in vagina, stimulated feeling that will not go away. I have been through two rounds of antibiotics for UTI's which are not the problem.  My next trip is to the urologist and then I am going to the gynecologist.  This is driving me crazy!
Did you find out what was going on?
Google PGAD
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curious if you ever solved your clitoral spasms, I'm having them as well. I did kegal exercises last night. I was wondering if they are muscle spasms brought on from over exercising? Let me know what you think
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I am not sure if this is true or not but I thought I heard that Kegal exercises make it worse
Yes, they do, at least for me.  So does Yoga and exercise.
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I am so glad I am not alone, I have the exact same problem, but over the past 4 years, I have had a DX of Endometriosis, tumors on my uterus, ovarian pre cancer cells, ovarian cysts,  I have had an ablation, tumor removal, and finally ended up with a complete hysterectomy, as these issues had continued to be problematic even after the ablation, and even after all this, the nagging feeling of clitoral throbbing is at its worse, It almost feels like its a nerve issue, I also have full body Neuropathy, and Spinal Stenosis, and thought maybe this problem could be more of a nerve damage issue, I mentioned it to my doctor and she replied "Huh that's weird" also mentioned it to my Gyno, who said its probably just from the surgery, it should go away, that was a year and a half ago, and its at an all time high, also noticed too that stressful situations, anxiety make it worse as well? I also only half empty my bladder when I go potty, and have to force the rest out with pushing, I would like to get to the bottom of it myself as it's VERY annoying!, Any thoughts?
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I have the same and your story sounds like mine. I take cymbalta for the nerve pain, and started doing pelvic floor therapy for Pelvic floor dysfunction which sounds a lot of what might be going on with you.
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Hi, did you ever find out what it was?  I've been going through this for years now.  It's exactly as you described it. I've had ultrasounds and labs done and nothing.  
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I'm having this same issue for the past 2 weeks. I feel a pressure on my lower pelvic area and a constant need to urinate. Every hour or so I keep getting these spasms that feels like its near my clitoris. Just within the past few days I've been in a constant state or arousal and masterbation makes it worse. I can't even drive in the Car because the vibrations drives me mad. It keeps me up at night. I'm in tears and all my googling brings up symptoms of PGAS. I can't imagine feeling like this forever. I'm going crazy already! The only thing that seems to help is by kind of forcing my lower muscles to relax. Occasionally I feel a light stab sensation in my clitoris.
Did this go away??? If so how did you fix it
I've been having this too. It started with Cystitis so I thought it was related to that but I have now been diagnosed with Trichonomas, I'm now on antibiotics and it seems to be improving. Hoping this will sort it out once and for all!
Hey ladies! I'm here to update: I still have the spasms. I have not had a severe arousal like I did initially. I don't get the spasms as much as I used to but I still do. Its been 8 Months now. I went to a urologist and had a Cystoscopy and ultrasound done of bladder but all is well. My next step is to see a Pelvic floor specialist as well as a urologist to see if I can find out whats really going on.
How did it go? I have the same problem now and I would like to know what happened
How did it go? I have the same problem now and I would like to know what happened
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I had this problem. After seeing a urologist I got refered to a physical therapist who is trying to release the pelvic floor muscles as that is what can cause all these symptoms.  It's completely treatable. I got mine from anxiety. Worst thing you can do is google and stress yourself out about it.  Good luck
I started having a sting feeling in the clitorios, pressure, pulsating feeling it feels like it's getting hard but it's not. I got is after I had a huge panic anxiety attack.everything I read is about Genital arousal so I am freaked out about it. The situation comes and goes.now I have other symptoms that I read. Stupid me!
I am currently experiencing this same problem. It's been just over a month now, I had what I believed was a urine infection after a pregnancy test at the doc she gave me a course of antibiotics and they masked it for 2-3 days and it seemed to slowly come back, the burning not so much just this annoying pulsating feeling in my urine/clitorial area! I went back I explained this to my doc and she looked as baffled as me! She even hesitated to give me a second course of antibiotics ! I did the second course and once again it masked this problem for a day or 2 and it's now been 2-3 weeks since that course and it's back daily again and it's not going anywhere, usually these Pulse like throbs come and go but yesterday I had them all day.. I beg to differ it having anything to do with arousal because it really isn't a nice feeling it's the total oposit of what I'd say was nice ! It's horrible it's not painful it's annoying almost like nails down a chalk board for me, it's unbareable cringing and irritates me so much I can't concentrate on anything at all :( I honestly don't know what to do anymore. If I guzzle down cranberry juice it feels sometimes better but is this just me telling myself this! I don't like high sugared drinks I do my best to avoid them and ocean spray has 22g of sugar in a carton ! I can't win!
Jayde, I feel for you. You mentioned the nails down a chalk board and that's how I feel when I have that feeling in my clit well the tip of it. I found out O had a UTI and was put on Cipro for 7 days it worked but still had that little burning I asked Dr for few more days of Cipro but wanted me to come on for urine culture. I have back pressure sometime or back pelvic pressure, lower stomach pain like o have to go to the bathroom, pressure on bladder and tip of clit stings sometimes I feel so frustrated I feel I need to put pressure on the clit.I am so scared I have PGAD but people told me no because it would be more of a stabbing pain in the pelvic. I don't get a feeling of Arousal at all I don't feel like I have to relive myself. But my clit is sensitive but not as bad. I get a twich here and there on my clit when I relax. My panic anxiety attacks have gone on for 2 months now and when I get the feelings it's like my brain only pays attention to the feelings plus I read to much on the internet.
Sarah, does PT seem to be helping as I have these exact symptoms! My anxiety has been through the roof and making me pee so much more! If I don't think about it and am tired I sleep the whole night without peeing once, or maybe once.
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Mine went away...
just by itself?
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It's definitely the same as I have- PGAD is the acronym. It's the worst thing in the world to get, and it only gets worse. I have had it for three years and am ready to jump off a tall building- it's ruined my whole life. No cure and doctors all suck. My life is ruined and I just want to die it's so invasive and horrible to have every day of your life.
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The Dutch are very progressive and there is an excellent website for anyone needing help  https://pass.nl.
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Interstitial cystitis. Ive had it for several years. Feeling is like you constantly have to pee but nothing or very little comes out, yet you still have that feeling. And the constant arousal. IC has been described as either an inflammation of the bladding lining or a loss of elasticity in the lining - may be the same thing. For a lot of women (mostly women), it also involves terrible pain. For me, its just the symptoms described here. Which are plenty. Constant arousal is not fun. Sometimes impossible to concentrate on what Im doing.  Its been much worse since I had foot surgery and have to sit all day, rather than work at a standing desk. Find a urogynecologist, preferably a woman. Theres an IC association. IF you have this, do NOT drink cranberry juice. Makes it worse. Theres an IC diet, which is about the only thing that helps. No acidic food - tomatoes, citrus, and a bunch of other stuff. Youll find it online. If this is what you have. Sounds exactly what I do.
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Hello ladies! I was wondering does anyone get vaginal spasms? When i say that i mean it feels like a spasm/twitch in the area around clitoris/urethral. It comes suddenly and randomly without warning. I have been to the urologist and had a Cystoscopy/ultrasound done and everything is fine no inflammation. I still get the spasms and occasionally I feel twinges, not from my vaginal opening but it feels like its inside my inner vagina lid if that makes sense..still searching for answers to see why I am getting them
So funny that you say this. I am experiencing this right now 3 yrs post hysterectomy and excision. It could be a nerve, pelvic floor dysfunction, endo etc. There are so many possibilities. I am looking into mine though so I can let you know. I need to find out what nerve is causing it first so I will have to go see my doctor
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Hi ladies!  I have experienced all of the symptoms listed above and am here to tell you there IS HOPE. I have been on antibiotics for UTIs I did not have, taken prescription medication for bladder spasms (vesicare and uribel), spent hundreds on acupuncture and FINALLY found my relief homeopathically.  I've never been one to look for "natural" remedies, but instead take the quick route of medications and expensive doctors visits, but when nothing would alleviate my pain and I researched every day for months I found the answer- CANDIDA! This is a yeast overgrowth that directly effects the bladder.  Most of us have been on antibiotics which makes it even more likely to have the overgrowth besides the fact that most people love sugar which is what candida feeds on.  Please, please go to your Whole Foods or order online Cantharis 30c ( less than $10.00), take D-mannose to rule out any possibility of hidden Ecoli in the bladder walls, and give the candida dirt a try.  Google "IC cure" and you will see the research article and proof of a life we all thought we lost.
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