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surgery recovery??

I was told yesterday that I had to have a Laperoscopy. I was wondering for anyone out there that has had it and worked how long you were normally off work for? I ask because my employer isnt being so great about me having to have surgery.... I am trying to give them an idea of how long I will be off...
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Just wanted to say Good Luck with your surgery! I was just told today that I will have to have it done as well and Im not sure what to expect either :/

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hi there! when i had mine done, i had a lot of nausea from being put under. and it was hard to do everyday activities for a week or so. i was told not to lift anything for a week. the pain stayed around for about a month (also expect some shoulder pain afterwards- the gas they use to inflate your abdomen can travel up into your shoulder blades and cause them to hurt). after the surgery, it is recommended to go on some type of medication to suppress your menstrual cycle (to keep your estrogen at a bare minimum) for several months afterward.

umm if you have any specific questions feel free to ask! and best of luck
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I had a lap done 5 years ago. It was serious procedure because I had endo, chocolate cysts, tumor and blood tickening and during the lap my right ovary was removed. They told me that the procedure will last from 45 minutes to one and a half hour (in the worse case) and it lasted for five hours! So, it was pretty serious because the doctors faced with serious problems during the lap, that they didn't predict from the previous examinations. But, that's my case.
After the lap I was kept in hospital for 4 days. Then I went home and they told me not to lift heavy things for a while (like one or two weeks) and not to eat meat or some other similar food products that are heavy for digestion. And, of course, to rest as much as I can. My therapy after the lap were Yasmin pills (BCP). And the first month or so I took some other pills (I can't remember the name, it was 5 years ago) for pains that my doctor prescribed (some type of analgetics). Also, the doctors told me not to have sex for three weeks.
I was feeling pains for two months or so, not so strong. I was able to do the usual things like going to college, working, doing the usual things around the home and similar things one week after the lap. So, I think that the first week is important, you should rest and stay calm and you shouldn't do so much things at first, because you need to rest and you should recover as soon as possible, and that would be possible if you have time to rest and time for yourself, for your health. In my case, because I went throught such a serious procedure and had serious health problems the recovery lasted longer than usual.
I wish you successful procedure and quick and painful recovery! And I hope that the lap will be a permanent solution for your health problems!
Take care and all the best!
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I was off a week. I was working as an ER nurse, and do a lot of lifting and pulling. If I had a desk job, I would probably have gone back around 5 days. Try to schedule it to incorporate a weekend in there for added time.
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It all depends on what they find when they get in there. Best case scenario is that you only need a couple of days off work. I scheduled my 1st lap on a Friday and honestly could have gone back to work on the Monday seeing as all they did was 'look' and not really remove anything duing that surgery (I actually got a full week off work coz my work at the time was awsome and they insisted; on full pay too!)

The 2nd took a few days longer because they actually removed a bunch of cycsts and endometrial lesions etc. Same with the 3rd lap...

I would calculate a week off, to be absolutely sure, but make sure your work knows that if there are complcations, it could be a bit longer.

Good luck to you!!
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I would go by what your doctor is saying. I recently had a lap. and I was able to return to work after about a week, though I did work a bit toward the end of the week from home when I was able to, in between naps and rest. It depends on you and everyone is different, The first 3 days were the worst for me, and each day I noticed a significant amount of improvement. I'm 39, and in decent shape (haven't excersized regularly over this  past year) and eat relatively healthy.
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hi!   i had a d&c along with a lap this past wednesday for polyp removal and endomitriosis.  the scarring was a bit more significant than the dr expected so i was in surgery for about 2 hours.  this is day 3 and i am still not feeling 100%...  i assume i'll be ready for work on Monday.  i am a cross country coach, so i wonder if i'll be running on Monday... can't imagine i will feel like it.

best of luck to you!  based on how i feel, i would say give it 5 days.
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