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Is bypass surgery necessary? Any other test required before opting for it

My mother is 54years old.Her angiography reports is as follows:
LMCA : shows 40% stenosis distally.
LAD : Shows 80% discrete stenosis at its ostium, followed by 75% tubular stenosis in the proximal segment. Rest of the LAD is free of disease.
LCx: Shows plaque at its ostium and 60% long segment stenosis in the mid LCx OM1 is a large vessel with 70% stenosis in the mid segment.
RCA: Is a dominant artery and shows 50% stenosis distally and extending into the PD.PD branch shows 80% ostial stenosis.
LIMA/RIMA : Normal
LV Angio : Not done
Conclusion : Triple Vessel Disease.

How urgently we need to go for bypass surgery? What if we don't opt for surgery?
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I´ll write  you again. Sorry I didn´t have any time.
Dr. Ameriso
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If your mother has symptoms i.e. chest pain and there is  relief with medicaion, then medication should be the option of choice according to ACC/AHA guidelines. Lesions less than 70% usually don't require any treatment.

The next option would be stent implants.  If stents  cannot be considered because of location, size, or an emergency, then a bypass.

I have a totally blocked LAD and 72% Lcx blockage, and I have been on a regimen of medication, diet, exercise, etc. without any problems.

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