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Abnormal EEG report, Blackouts

8 years back I was told that I had a seizure. My doctor immediately refereed "sodium valporate 200mg" which I took it continuously for 3 years. Then I stopped my med without consulting my doc as every-time I took my med, I felt lazy, sleepy and even my toilet was untimely.  

- I never had another seizure up-to this day.  
- On mid 2018, now I am more into alcohol( beers, whisky), smoking and coffee.
- On Oct 9 I got blackout 2 times for the first time. during blackouts I loss conscious for like 2 mins and slowly it takes me few moments to realize where I am and what I am doing. I started to get blackouts on weekly basis or sometimes multiple times per day.
- I also noticed my memory was fading, like I don't remember how to go to some of the places I have visited before. I couldn't recall some old friend's name while encountering them all of sudden or took time to recall.
- 2019 Then I quit smoking and monitored my alcohol consumption( drinking water a lot while hanging out )
- 2019 my blackouts were like 2,3 times per month and since MAY 2019 I didn't had any blackouts.
- On June 30, I was 2 months back-out free. Then I went for "EEG scan" and the health assistance told me I was Epilepsy/seizure free.
- July 7 I got blackout in the morning. Then I check my EEG scan report again and I was shocked.

Report said,

EEG taken with patient relaxed and awake, revealed a well developed background alpha rhythm seem on both the sides.
Normal response to eye opening and closure.
Focal slowing to theta and delta range noted on it. frontal region.
No epileptiform discharge noted.

HV and PS added no further information.

Abnormal EEG record.
Please correlate clinically.  

#. Please help, am I in bad shape? Doctors in my city are hard to trust and we fear. they just refer meds and don't guide us properly. Am I having problem due to caffeine? I have a huge circle who is into own Coffee farm and we brew our own coffee.  
3 years of medication has caused me side effects? HELP!!
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