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After seizure headaches

My daughter had febrile seizures until she was 6 yo.  She began falling asleep in odd situations, basically anytime she wasn't up and moving.  Husband has family history of sleep apnea, so we went for sleep study where they found she was having seizure activity in her sleep.  Further MRI and EEG found incidental chairi malformation and abnormal EEG with generalized spike and wave discharges;  also during sleep portion she had increased generalized frontally dominant spike and wave discharges.  She has had for a while "blinky spells" where she would stare and repeatedly blink her eyes very fast--we just thought it was a personality quirk but now know those were mini-seizures she was having.  She has also been having headaches ( located between her eyebrows up maybe 1/4-1/2" ) some are little "dull-achy" maybe 3 times a day,  she also has BIG "sharp and dull-achy mixed" now about once every 4 days.  Dr thought they might be migraines, but I've been keeping record and trying to watch closely...in the last week I've SEEN her have a blinky spell and within 15-20 min. she complained of a headache...no nausea, no sensitivity to light, no sensitivity to sound,  just a BAD headache.... usually sleeps for about 3 hours once a headache hits and wakes up feeling better.  "Blinky spells" are usually consistent with absence seizures, but the headaches don't fit?  Could these be related to complex partial seizures??
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Just a thought:  I have had two migraines in my life, and before both I had a period of 5-10 minutes of altered vision, causing me to blink repeatedly to attempt to see clearly.  It's like a quarter of my vision looks like the snow on a television set.  This is the aura I get before a migraine.  Is she responsive during the blinky spells?  They come out of the blue, and the headache comes 20-30 minutes later for me.  It's not even the worst headache in the world, and I have no sensitivity to light or sound.  I fall asleep with the headache and in a couple of hours when I get up I'm fine..  

My son has seizures and may have similar auras before his seizures, but he's too young to talk.  I can't wait until he can describe the sensation and see if my migraine auras and his seizure auras are similar.

Did she have any blinky spells during her EEG?  Try to talk to her and measure her consciousness during the blinky spells, as complex partial seizures alter consciousness.  Good luck!


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I've called her name during one of her "blinky"spells but she doesn't turn her gaze or try to respond...I've asked her after one and she doesn't even realize she's had one.

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I am an adult who has had juvenile seizures in adulthood.  I was never diagnosed with seizures as a child, although I sometimes had very strange episodes during sleep.

I've never had blinky incidents, but I can tell you something about headaches following seizure activity.  I, too, experience headaches and fatigue after an episode.  I find that taking B-Complex on a regular basis helps so much.  Also, Soy Lecithin, as it helps with neurotransmitters in the brain.

Because I had so many problems with meds, I prayed for the Lord to help me live without them 5 years ago, and I've been med free since.  However, I have not been seizure free.  But, I have MUCH FEWER INCIDENTS of seizures now that I'm off meds.

The key for ME has been to make sure I get enough rest and avoid too much stress.  Stress is a big factor with seizures for me.......and when you think about the things that you CAN CONTROL in your daughter's life...things like keeping her away from white sugar, caffeine and anything that stimulates the central nervous system.

Calcium (natural, not store brands) is also nature's tranquilizer....so making sure she gets plenty of good calcium supplements is also a must.  I have found this to be true in one of my twins who also seems to have neurology problems.  If he goes w/o calcium for too long, he has lots of undesirable side effects.

I tell people to use Shaklee products which can be found online.  The science behind them is phenomenal. It's the reason I chose them.

I hope this info is helpful.  Oh..........make sure to give your daughter B-Complex after an episode.  It may not take the headache completely away, but it is a Stress Vitamin (along with Vitamin C) and it will definitely help!

Hope this was helpful.
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