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My brother in law is a 61 y/o white male who has had grand mal seizures since the age of 11.  He was put on Dilantin and Phenobarbital and still continues to take those meds, as well as Zeppra.  He has taken Lamictal in the past; but, began having seizures and it was eventually d/c'd and replaced w/Keppra.  He cannot take Depakote or Tegratol.  Both of those cause him to have continuous seizures.  He almost died trying to switch to them and was hospitalized for over 6 weeks.

He is now in a nursing facility and in the past 5 months or so has become extremely agitated, at times.  He has always been very quiet and cooperative.  He tells me he feels "nervous" and that he begins banging his hands on the bed/wall and his wheel chair into doors or walls...he says he does it before he "knows what he is doing" and the nursing staff has communicated that he continues the behaviour, until one of a few nurses (that he feels very comfortable with) comes and stops him.  Once the behaviour is interrupted, he stops and apologizes.  He is extremely embarrassed by the episodes, but, obviously cannot help what he does.  

He had an MRI and EEG recently and they were both normal, according to his neurologist.  He prescribed 5mg of Klonopin b.i.d. to start off with.  He mentioned that there was possibly some new seizure activity going on, but, we wanted to be sure he wasn't having panic attacks, so, therefore only tried one medicine at a time.  He has been on it now for more than 10 days and it has had no effect.   One of the nurses is going to try and contact the dr., but, unfortunately she is one who thinks he is "just depressed" and needs to be on Lexapro.

If you can help me with anything I may be able to discuss with his neurologist, I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you for your time and for adding your valuable knowledge to this site and forum.

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i got a magazine and it has a page about keppra .the  advertisment says to call your doctor right away if mood & behavior changes-aggression-agitation-anger-anxiety-apathy-mood swings-depression-hostillity-irritabillty.a few people may get thoughts of suicide.i would talk to his doctor about his symptoms and ask if he needs to change meds.heres a site about keppra.    www.Keppra.com     hope this helps,really sounds like its this med.
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I was just going to post what Brainpain posted I take keppra And i some times get agitated for no apparent reason but i don't do any thing with it I generally am A OVERLY happy person. I talked to my Doctor and he said some times as long as it does not cause u to feel depressed it happens. But whats going on with your brother in law sounds like a bad side effect.
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Thank you for the info. and the website. I will check it out. He "fell" at the nursing home and broke his hip. He had to have surgery and was in the hospital for a week. He never had an episode in the hosp. Now he is back at the nursing home and on a different floor. So far no episodes. So we think he is having trouble with someone at the nursing home or is just bored with being there. We are in the process of getting him moved to another one. Hopefully, that will help. Thank you so much for your kindness and caring.
God bless you and yours.
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Thank you also! I ditto what I said to brainpain. Hopefully the move will help. But I am still going to check on this medication. God bless you for your kindness!
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