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Clock Experience

Okay so i've been experiencing stuff when I look at clocks. I'm not sure what type of clocks, but it's the one that has lights in it...when I look at them, they move up and down really fast. I've tested this out on some friends to see if they see the similiar experiences....,but so far none say they do. So I automatically think it's this...can anyone please see if this is epilepsy? or a mild case of it? Because there has been also stuff i've been experincing before hand, which has been posted in this forum. Anyways, thanks.
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It would be more relaxing if someone could ATLEAST give a suggestion of what they think?
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can you please give us a little more about other things that are happening to you also.

Like do you sleep well ,have you had your eyes looked at?

do you feel  sleepy a lot. have you fallen for know reason?
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Yeah, I'm very tired everyday unless I get caffeine, I avoid most of the time, but when I need it for school. (like a project day or something, i'd consume it.

I'd get these random feelings that make me lose control of myself for 10-15seconds MAX. But it gets more frequent when I consume more caffeine, or when i'm excited. It's like when I get up from a chair, my left leg starts to feel wierd and then i'm forced to bend down, look diagonally, and my hands are curled up to my mouth. (as explained in earlier topics)

I'm 17 years of age, this isn't quite common in my family, and I probably have ADHD due to the fact I can't stay still.
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I could sleep 8-12hours and still feel tired, and I know this isn't normal.
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While I do have epilepsy I do not feel I can comment on your symptoms with the clocks.  Mine began as nocturnal seizures & then moved on to grand mal seizures.

The sleep problems and need for caffeine I do know about.  For most of my adult life I have lived on caffeine tablets (No Doz) because I could never feel well rested and was always tired during the day.

Finally, when I noticed I was sleeping 17 hrs a night, I went to a sane doctor who had me tested.  A "sleep study" was done and it was discovered that I suffer Sleep Apnea.  I now use a CPAP machine which allows me to breath while I sleep.  As I was told, the Apnea simply meant that I was not breathing correctly or sufficiently while I slept and was not resting.

This machine, while irratating, has completly changed my life.  Please have yourself tested to see if this could be the problem.

Check out the WebMD site to research the clock/seizure problem or hopefully someone with more experience with this can give you an answer.

Keep us posted,

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