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Does anyone find it hard to cope with haven epilepsy? etc finding jobs or doing things at college like cooking???

i have recently been told that it aint a good idea that i carry out my participation in my college coarse which is profession cookery!  This was brung up from my doctor from the hospital when i was in hosp has nay one else had this problem?
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I have had epylepsy since i was 18 months old, i am now 38, i had what the old term used to classify as Grand Mal seizures with temp amnizure which made it difficult to remember not just the incident sometimes. though even a day before it...

The thing is is i had found it difficult and still do find it difficult to cope with at time.. even after i have been off medications since 2006/07.

I must admit that one must be careful in what practice/profession you would like to do as it is a good idea to think about what could happen to you if you might have a seizure in a kitchen... hot oils and frying pans ect.

Though dont let that stop you if thats something you really want to do. or maybe you can do something that is close to being a cook?

I did find it difficult getting jobs as the meds that i used to take always made me "out of it" or "apear as if im some sort of drug pusher or something"

Dont give up hope though.. I actually believe that there are other things besides or along with medications that can help.. like ciropractic therapy which i believe had a helping hand in stopping my siezure.

Do you have something else you like to do maybe? in the end it is up to you if you want to finish the course.. because you know what you can and cant do and if you are prepared for that proffession then you can still become one of the best in the field..

IE, would be to only use what you need at the time and dont leave things laying around that might hurt you, thats if you do end up having a siezure ect ect ect....

hope that helps somewhat
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Hey there. My dd has it and has gone thru high school, dating, jobs, etc. She hasnt been preg. yet though.She has always gotten hired first, then told her employer about the ep.  She is in school for nursing now and working full time. Been seiz free 2.5 years now. She knows when she is going to have one...gets that aura feeling.  She does have it in her temporal lobe and has problems sometimes remembering things. She was dx'd at age 3. she is now 21. Hope this helps. email me anytime. ***@****
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