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Felling strange, does anybody fell like this.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy about 3 or 4 years ago,The last time I had a seizure was about two and a half years ago but I still get these weird sensations.Nearly all the time I feel weird like stuff looks really scary and  and also I get the felling that there is something trapped in my head, Ive had it for while now  and its really annoying.Im  getting  really fed up of How I feel, Ive been following this same routine for ages because I feel bad, does any body know what Im talking about if you do please leave a comment.
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I too am epileptic & just today I happen to have run across a forum on epilepsy.com that may be of some help to you. Please check out the below link, I hope it helps you!

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I understand that the link was removed...oops, I didn't realize I'm not allowed to post links to other forums. I'd still like to suggest you visit epilepsy.com & search 'aura' in the forums, there was info & discussion that sounded like what you describe; you are not alone.
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I just checked, the thread was called "How exactly do aura's feel"
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I've been an epileptic for over 30 years.  What you describe was what my first aura's were like.  Many times, you can have an aura and never have a seizure.  Now, I can have a seizure and not have an aura to warn me.
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Luckily I still havn't had any more seizures but as I was saying I still get these weird feelings the doctors say that theres no trace of epilepsy anymore but I get these annoying feelings, I sought of still get the same feelings, but I get others kinda as well if anyone else knows what im talking about please leave comments
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