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From Absence Seizures to Atonic Seizures?

hey all, a little background here. My daughter, 6, was diagnosed with absence seizures over 4 years ago. We've undergone 2 eegs and an MRI. She's been on Keppra since she was 2 with several increases in dose as she's grown.

On Halloween, she was standing in the living room and simply fell backwards. Never tried to catch herself but didn't lose balance. I was right there and saw it happen. Thankfully she fell onto the dog bed and did not get hurt, just shaken up. I've already been in touch with her neurologist who increased her meds and we have her annual visit in December where he's already said he'll order another EEG.

My question is...is it common for these seizures to change? Or progress?
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We have seen our granddaughter's seizures evolve over the 9 years since she was diagnosed.  She's 11 now.  Initially her seizures were tonic-clonic they were brought under control with Keppra.  As she has aged, we're seeing numerous other types. She's now ramping up on Topamax and Felbamate with hopes that this combination for quell those types.
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Hello and I am sorry you had to witness that. I know it must be hard to watch what see is goiing through as a parent and not be able to do anything about it.
Now as for your question is yes it is not uncommon for the type of seizure a person has to change or progess if you will. Since your daughter is only 6 I would personally expect this to happen as she gets older. To what degree I do not think anyone would be able to say. It will just be a process you will have to go through until hopefully they can be controlled.
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