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Concussions are becoming a huge problem in sports. There is some thought that concussions can cause seizures. What do you think?
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I would have to agree with that theory. A seizure happens because your brain "miss fires" for some reason or another. When a person suffers a concussion regardless of how it happens
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The reason why I bring this up is I'm a huge WWE fan. Bryan Danielson (ring name, Daniel Bryan) retired this week at a very young age due to concussion problems. He revealed on ESPN that the swelling on his brain has caused him to get seizures. I would love to have a big discussion about this.
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It is abundantly clear that in some cases concussions may result in seizures. That is not a "theory". It is a medical fact. It doesn't require "discussion". But not all concussions result in a seizure. There can be varying degrees of damage depending on the severity off the blow, where the impact takes place, and from resultant swelling, and if there is a delay in seeking medical attention. A "concussion" is not a "concussion". There are gradations of concussion, and after the fact there is no way to compare and contrast the etiology. Just because a person has a "concussion" it does not mean they will develop seizures.
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While it is true that concussions do not always cause seizures they often do. And sometimes the individual can have more than one. We are only beginning to learn about the human brain, let alone about the full scope of concussions' effects on it. It would be nice to see better treatment and tests for concussions. Seeing athletes talk about it is a very good thing. It would be wonderful to see more sports take concussions as seriously as the WWE does. Perhaps then we would see a progression in research.
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With all the concussion lawsuits that people are bringing before the WWE they really have no choice.
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I would agree completely, I was diagnosed when I was 18, I had never had any signs or previous seizures until then. But at 15 I started playing rugby, and of course I got my fair share of lumps and bruises, and of course I had some concussions from time to time, some worse than others. I can't be off my mess for more than a few days before I start having my episodes, so in my eyes I would agree completely
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