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Is it a bad idea to have children?

I have epilepsy (though the first and last time I had a seizure was about 5 years ago when I was 18; I still take meds) and my boyfriend stutters.  Neither of us care about his stuttering so I don't know much about it but it apparently started when he was around five.  None of his other family members stutter.  That's pretty much all I know.  We've been dating for quite a while now and I sometimes think about a future with him, but before our relationship deepens further I thought I might want to know the probability of having a disabled child if we decided to have one.  I know the information is too limited to give a full reply but I'd appreciate any kind of input.  Thanks.
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My epilepsy is a lot like yours. I had my first and only seizure at 16. I am now 22 and expecting a baby in April! When I was dianosed with epilepsy they put me on topamax which was a wonder drug. It keep my seizures under contol perfectly. My husband and I married last year and decided early spring we were ready for kids. But I knew I needed to see my neuro
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Sorry.. Hard to write on an iPhone..

Before we got pregnant. I was very afraid they would say no it's not safe. My doc said topamax is not safe for the baby but a seizure would be worse. We switched to Lamictal which is safer for the baby. I was also put on folic acid which will prevent a clef pallet which is the biggest birth defect for of baby born from epilepsy patients. We found out 3 weeks ago that we are pregnant an so far the baby is perfectly healthy!
Don't give up hope of having a child. With a close watch from you neuro and obgyn and the right meds. It's very possible! :)
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