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Is this a seizure

Hi sorry this maybe a long one.

My 8 year old daughter has right centrol temporal lobe epilepsy . Her first seizure was last Jan so we are coming up to a year.

She started having night Tonic clonics then we noticed partials occuring during the day. She has what we call her mood swings but I am woundering if these are actual seizures.

The triggers for these possible seizures seems to be  bright lights, getting her hands wet and raised voices . She will start to get agrumentive with you then suddenly she goes, her arms are being slung all over the place then she shakes them violently she will suddenly start saying things to you things that she would not normally say . Then she may run around looking very frightened are she will just sit in the corner and cry and scream . Tends to last 20 mins  during which time you can not touch her at all.. Afterwards she will drink lots of water and needs a lot of reasurance of course she tends to be a little tired.

Could these be seizures. It's not  like a naughty child playing up I promise . You just know she can't control it.  

Would be so grateful for advice . Thanks
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Does she have a regular neurologist? It doesn't sound like a seizure, but is very concerning. Is she on medication? It could be a side effect of her medication, a form of tourettes syndrome, a form of autism... it really could be anything. It is certainly not a good thing though. It really needs to be discussed with a specialist.
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She doesn't see a neurologist well maybefor about 5minutes after her EEG but we do have an appointment with her consultant tomorrow .He has mentioned possible ADHD / Aspergers but we are waiting for an appointment with someone esle with reagrds tthis

She is on Epilim which I think can do this so we are going to ask for a change in AEDS.

Thank you very much for your reply

many thanks
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How was your appointment with your doctor?Patients with simple focal seizures do not lose consciousness and will be aware and remember the events that occur at the time. On the ther hand, patients with complex partial seizures will have abnormal consciousness and may or may not remember any or all of the symptoms or events surrounding the seizure. Depending on where in the brain the seizure starts, symptoms vary but may include any of the following: abnormalmuscle contraction,  affects one side of the body, abnormal head movements, automatisms or complex, repetitive movements  abnormal mouth movements, abnormal sensations, hallucinations,  sweating, flushed face,  or dilated pupils. Changes in mood or emotion may also be observed.

It would be best to discuss your daughter's symptoms with your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and regards.
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