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Is this seizure activity

I have had migraines ever since I suffered a concussion from a car accident in 2003. I have had 2 MRI's and one CT all came back "normal." Here is my question when I have my migraines (especially the ones that are sensory triggered) I feel so out of it and my sister swears it is like I am having an absance (sp?) seizure because she says all I do is stare out into space. I did have an EEG and this was "normal." Ever since I had to stay up all night for the EEG I have been in a huge migraine cycle and constantly feel scattered sometimes light headed, and even dizzy. My sister has to tell me something multiple times and still hope that it "registers."

My concerns is that there is seizure activity and the EEG does not pick up. I have a friend that has seizures  and she has even had a 24 EEG and it came back "normal." She even had her license taken away for 6 months by her epileptologist. I have had and reacted to Depakote, Neurontin, Lyrica, and Topamax. The Lyrica and Neurontin was originally for nerve pain and the Depakote and Topamax were for migraines.

Any advice is appreciated,
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I grew up with seizures, and this is how mine would sometimes occur, the staring into space, is a form of seizure activity. (Is it for you?) I don't know. . . However I do know that in taking medications that are treated for seizures, bipolar disorder, ect. . .these meds alone can cause your EEG to come back Normal. However, it doesn't mean the seizures aren't there. I Was prescribed depakote for my seizures.

If I were you, I would talk to your Neurologist about not taking meds before you take the EEG test. And see what outcome you haven then,

Hope this was helpful!
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Thank you for your input. Actually I was not taking any anti-convulsants all the meds listed above I have reacted to, the last med I had was topomax and I quit that w/n three days of starting it. I had an asthma attack because of the lousy inactive ingredients. I had not had any anti-convulsants for at least a week when I had the EEG.

I am seeing one of my many specialist tomorrow and we will talk and go from there.
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