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Keppra- anyone have any succes with it?

I have been diagnosed with partial complex seizures. I work in the medical field and my neurologist put me on Keppra. I was still having seizures on 1000mg per day so he increased the dosage over the phone from 1000 to 2000 mg per day. I still have problems so I called him back..............he told me to see a shrink. I feel like the keppra is making me have mood swings that are totally crazy! I am usually very laid back and mellow and now get upset over the littlest things for no reason................has anyone else had this experience on Keppra?
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Hey, I too have partial complex seizures and was put on Keppra.  I am currently only taking 375mg twice daily and cannot tolerate that because of terrible irritability.  It's horrible, I started lamictal and am hoping my neuro will slowly d/c the keppra.  Your not alone and certainitly don't need a shrink! Take  care, MB
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I don't think a shrink is in order, either!  The most common side effects of Keppra are behavioral (irritability, aggressiveness, etc.)  My son is on Keppra (he's only 30 lbs, and he takes 1200mg/day), and it's definitely caused some awful behaviors, so we're titrating Lamictal in hopes of weaning the Keppra eventually.

His neurologist labeled his "psychotic behaviors" Keppra-related (he has pica and ate a lightbulb), and I completely believe him.
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Wow I'm really sorry to hear about your 3 yr old son.  Its hard enough as an adult dealing with these issues must be even harder for a young child ( and you as a parent).  I hope he's alright and the lamictal works for him.  Thinking of you. MB
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I have Partial Compex Seizures also. I had my first grand mal seizure when I was 11. I now just have the Partial and I'm 33 yrs old. I have been put on Keppra 2 times and it has not worked for me either time. I am now on Lamictal, Trileptal and Lryica. These 3 seem to be the best ones that have been working for me so far. I have gone thru 4 1/2 weeks without having a seizure. The longest I have gone. I have 2-3 a month, usually.
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I was on Keppra and Had the Same exact problems.  My doctor thought mayby he put me on to high of a dosage and lowered it and same thing continued again, he continued to lower it. until my nor i could take it anylonger, and he switched me to Topamax and its working Great.  my mood swings stopped immediatly.  He started me on 25Mg 2 times a day and increased it slowely each week to now were working me up 200mg 2times day.  I have gone almost 4 months without a seizure on this med regiment
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read your posts, just wondering I see you also have partial complex szs, how do you know your having them do you get an aura?  I have been experiencing terrible nausea and dizziness along with numbness in arms and hands have you the same thing? Going to neuro today and hoping he will decrease my keppra and increase lamictal.  I'm currently on 100mg of lamictal and 375mg keppra twice daily.  I hate it way too irritable. Any suggestions! MB
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I used to take Keppra (500mg 2x/day)--I didn't remember any side effect except hot temper.  When my husband and I planned to get pregnant, my neuro suggested that I shift from Keppra to Lamictal since, according to studies, the latter appears to be the safest for pregnant women.  I started Lamictal at 100mg/day. This was increased to 200mg, then 300mg/day. Lamictal was not good for me--suffered from slurred speech, memory loss, incoherence. Worse, I had seizures/symptoms every month. (Had none for 1 year and 3 mos. with Keppra)  My neuro shifted me back to Keppra.  Now, I'm back to 500mg 2x/day.  During the 3 weeks, I was so ill-tempered.  Little things which used to make me laugh irritated me.  I was also depressed, esp when I had my period.  I never understood "depression" until then.  I felt like crying for no reason at all.  I thought maybe the hormonal change was also a big factor. Now, it's been a month and 3 days... I feel ok.  Still slightly moody at times, but manageable.

Guys, I believe that the medicine usually has different effects on different people.  Some of us feel good on Keppra, others on Lamictal, still others on other drugs like Depakote, etc.  For me, it helps to track down all the symptoms and changes you feel while taking a specific medicine.  This would also help our doctors to determine if that med is the right one for us. (To be continued)

Liza P
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As for the hot temper/irritability and other side effects, maybe it would help that we talk to the people around us so that they would also understand.  Reading blogs and comments like these helps a lot!

I hope we all find the right med for us.  Good luck!  :-)

Liza P
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Well after my previous post stating I was going to see the neuro for my monthly appointment.  While in the office I had a seizure, I believe still partial but had significant left sided weakness, couldn't walk a straight line without tipping over as well as couldn't add remember things etc.  It was horrible it all started out with nausea first.  Needless to say he ordered another brain MRI that day! Then admitted me the next day for another VEEG, my third one to date.  While in hosp for those 4 days I was weaned off Keppra and increased my lamictal.  Felt much better as far as the irritability goes but now have increase in szs even on increased dose of lamicatal.
Iknow have this horrible metalic taste in my mouth which can last all day but worse at times.  I can feel my head being pulled to the left and have increase blinking and zoning out periods.  I put a call in to neuro but didn't recieve call back which is very unusual.  Guess I have to wait until next week appointment.  I hope all of you are doing well.  
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Dang well i feel weird I have left Frontal lobal partial onset seizures, i am on 3,000Mg  of Keppra a day. I am  A very nice person most of the time but when i get hungry even a little bit my personality does a shift.
i take 1,500mg twice a day. I get a bit nasty to people if their slightly annoying i just tell them to stop being annoying, and through doing that it annoys me cause my mom telling me i am annoying irritates me.
So when i am hungry i tend either to tell people to stop being annoying rudely, or to go find a quite place in the library, put a headset on with music and study for my classes.

But 90% of the time i am More happy then any one else and that pisses ppl off. I dont randomly say things etc. I am just not a downer i try to find positivity in any THIng

The person my mood swings affects the most is my mom, earlier tonight she told me to stop twriling my hair (its a nervos fidget of mine i have never grown out of & only do it at home). I kinda just got more agressive and obvious with the hair twirling and purposly mocked what she wanted. i was being a distraction being in her line of site.
Mind u its finals week i had not eaten a thing earlier today except breakfast and it was 8pm at night. I ust feel bad cause it made her get up and leave, which was not my intent.
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My son was on Keppra for frontal lobe epilepsy and it didn't help at all--it only made him have a bad temper (and yes, his neuro-doc also sent him to a psych-doc).  BTW...I fired that neuro doc!!
Now he takes Trileptal and is seizure-free.

Good Luck!
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i too are on Keppra(3000mg a day) along with that i take 600mg of tegratol.  i sometimes have break thur seizures, and dizzy spells(which i was told wassvertigo) all i know is that i have gain alot of weight with this med and that i donot feel a 100% at any time. have not exper. any mood swings at all, that i can see. not really to happy with the keppra
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I'm on keppra. So far so good. I used to be quite irritable but once I understand that it was the side effects of keppra, I got hold on myself and tried my beat to be aware of my reactions to others. Reading Dale Carnegie's " How to stop worrying..." helps a lot in my recovery process. I've been on keppra for about two months. Anyone been on keppra for a longer period?
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I have been on Keppra for about a year and 9 months I can control my irritability for the most parts but the person i feel bad for whom deals with the most is my mom. I am not a morning person even though i get up early. when i get up early I just need to do my own thing. I am not mean, i am just unsociable, i find just common conversation irritating and very annoying.

WOW LMAO the Dale Carnegie's.... that particular book i listened on audio tape when i first was going through things, mainly cause i was having really bad head and eye ticks so it would be EXTREMELY frustrating to read. wow thats quite funny.

Qtip When i first started taking Keppra i Gained 26 pounds in a 2 month period i went from 165 to 190. I too was not eating more, but due to being tired and worn down i dont think i was as active.  but that passes with time give keppra time with this particular regard. i have not gained any more weight, but now has lost some.
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i am on keppra too and it does change your moods, it used to be called the death pill because people who were on it thought about suicide a lot of the time.  it makes me think better and i am actually smarter than before.  one man sued the company because he almost killed someone and he got out of it because it can control your emotions.  they also help my headaches but you know any med can cause the same side affect.  Vallium is very addictive and can cause terrible mood swings with bouts of not being able to control your emotions and acting out on them.  

There are side affects to all seizure meds.  I have been on a lot of them.  
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HI. the drug keppra has been the one that has kept me on my feet for the best part of two years now...

1 take 2 x 500 mg of sodium valporate m/r  
          1 x 100 mg of lamictal
   and  1 x 100 mg of keppra.
twice daily...

and its only since i was introduced to the keppra two years ago that ive yet to fit since.

so i recommend it ...stay safe ...seeya's
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I have been on Keppra and Lamectal for the past 2 years.. no side effects and it is controlling my complex partial seizures.
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As I am reading all your comments, I am crying my eyes out. I was put on Keppra about 1 1/2 months ago. A week ago they raised my dosage to 1500 mg a day and I have had a headache ever since and am very depressed and angry alot.  This is the 2nd seizure medicine I've been on and hope to get past this soon.
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well i have had the same promble i have focal seizers and i am on carbotrol and  i have been have dizzness and twiches and  my docter put me on keppra and it hassn't work that well. but after awhile i noties that i didn't have as much twiches & dizzeness . just let i have time and it will work. i now its furstratinfg but it takes time for your body to get us to a new medicen, so just wait a while. hopes that helps
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ive had epilepsy since i wuz 14yrs old got put on tegretol and had it changed up and down since then had about 3 years clear and now its back worse than ever nocturnal and these stair blank outs for few secs..im 29 now and got put on keppra few mnths ago and if i dont get of it soon im not guna be getting married im in realy bad moods,short temprd,down about evting,dont wana talk to freinds!! its realy bad so called nuro and he just put my tegtol up to 1000mg per day and 1000mg keppra per day.. i dont feel like myself at all!!!!!!!!! any 1 have same???
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what happen when we had on keppra and got pregnant?what medicine should be use during pregnancy when have partial temporal lobe epilepsy?hope you could help
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omg! yes i take keppra now and i have the same feeling as you! i get mean and icky to everyone and i hate it! i have epilepsy also. and i have tried like 6 different medications i got put on this one just because it was the safest during pregnancy . tell him you want to switch your meds if you really dont like them your the patient tell him your needs what you want and if you dont get it your going to another neurologist!
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keppra is supposed to be the safest one during poregnancy.. why whts the matter?
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Sorry to join the party so late. My son is on keppra and lamictal for BRE. Originally he was on just keppra and was a maniac in the beginning. After just a few days our neuro said to give him b6 vitamin in the morning. He was back to himself immediately.

I hope you have your issues figured out, but if not, look up keppra and b6, and ask your neuro about it. Best of luck!!
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