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Meds to prevent seizures

I'm wondering why my 23 y/o daughter, on Keppra 1500mg per day, was told by her neurologist that even on medication she has an 80% chance of a seizure if she doesn't follow a healthy diet, if she doesn't get adequate rest and hydration, and especially if she has stress. The doctor told her stress is a huge trigger of seizures. These days I don't see how stress can be alleviated - I thought if she dutifully took her meds as prescribed - this would prevent any breakthrough seizures.
She also has a 1.1cm pineal cyst and a prolactin level of 35 and a spider angioma (parietal). The doctor insists these are not the cause of her seizures.

Any thoughts?
Thank you!
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Seizure meds are a great help for patients, and they should take their prescribed doses regularly.  However, there are often breakthrough seizures despite proper medication because seizures can be triggered by so  many factors.  No one actually knows exactly how the medication works, and no one knows exactly why stress, diet, and rest are so important in preventing them, but they are!  

The possibility of another seizure should be in your daughter's head in all situations she finds herself to maintain her safety.  With that said, she may never have another one and shouldn't let it control her life, but rather remain aware of it.  Good luck and I hope  she's in the group  that never has another one!
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I started having seizures at the age of 14, 1 per year until i was 18 then more frequently but that may of been caused by alcohol and late nights...and etc. I then moved when i was 20 and been sent to a neurologist for the 3rd time to find out info..eeg, catscan, mri but they cant find anything i am on 2 different meds and they so far seem to stop the seizures been 5mths  but i do have the twitches and unsteady fingers, no one knows whats wrong with me either and it is frustrating but more and more common people are having seizures for no reason and the doctors really have no idea they are just prescribing drugs.
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I have been on anti seizure medications since 2006 that have for the most part controlled my complex partial seizures... however they have been trigered by hormons and lack of sleep.  So I do believe that there are outside forces that do cause breakthrough siezures.. I do try to get enough rest and I exersize regularly also.
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I began having gran mal seizures in my 30's (Around 1980) .  After many tests, my neurologist said that no reason for the seizures could be found.  I was also told that it was perhaps best that no reason was found because usually the cause was some type of brain tumor.  I dutifully take my meds and quite frankly cannot remember the last time I had a seizure.  I do agree with shawn59 in that I do believe that outside forces do cause breakthrough seizures.

All that your daughter can do is continue to take her med's, make all her doctor's appts and hope (and pray) for the best.

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I got told i was born with it but didn't find out tell i was 12, got told i wasn't able to drive. Also, got put on so many different kinds of pills because my seizures were becoming so different all the time. i had partial ones and then ones where i would studder and fall to the floor and now i am 25 had a little girl and i am over weight i weigh 225 and i don't have a steady diet but am i keppra as well the same mg as ur daughter and topamax and lamothrigne and it works except latly i have been having them in my sleep probley cause i haven't been sleeping that well but i am still unsure why i haven't been sleeping my little girl sleeps. i just can't. any advice ?
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Have you thought about trying some naturopathic tinctures to see if it could help relieve your daughter's seizures, and the other ailments she has? I am not quite sure I understand what they are. My son is 2 years old and began having seizures for 6 days in late July this year before they medicated him 3 weeks ago. Since that time, though my son is on Keppra, I have found some naturopathic herbs that will not interfere with the Keppra, yet they assist with preventing seizures. It is very frustrating when the doctors don't listen or validate your concern and drum up their own conclusions. I feel that Children's Advil caused my son's seizures. The doctors said that wasn't very likely and looked at me like I was a quack. Yet if it is not very likely~that still leaves a chance that it could be. I did research and printed it for the neurologist and she dismissed it without a second thought and offered to dose my son with more advil to test it  and observe~I told her no thanks and that I could not do that to my son again. If you would like the name of the website that I get my herbal info. and tinctures let me know. It may not cure your daughter, but it could help.
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I for one totally disagree that seizures come on for no apparent reason.  There is always a reason for someone having a seizure and/or Epilepsy.  You just have to look long enough and deep enough and research enough and you will find the answers you seek.

I also say anyone can have seizures even if you take your meds on time.  Otherwise, your meds would equal a cure.  That, has not happened yet. It would be wonderful to take a anti-seizure med or two and never have another seizure again but, that is all in your imagination.

Seizures happen with or without meds.  Many things trigger them and everyone's triggers are different from each other.
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I was wondering if you could give me the name of that website that you get your herbal info.  I would really appreciate it.

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I think I meant to ask you a question, instead of DenGio.  Oh well.  Anyways could you please send me that website for naturopathic remedies please. I would greatly appreciate that.

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A frequent cause of seizures would be the anemia of CFS, CFIDS. FM ...

That fatigue is not generally found by doctors.  A cause of seizures in the definition I found that goes with this would be from 'lack of oxygen'

Some thoughts I have on 'this anemia'

If the bigger issue is a body turning autoimmune, how does one stop these multiple  autoimmune issues?

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My 8 year old daughter has had nocturnal complex partial seizures for 2 years now.  Her seizures almost always happen right before she gets sick or if she is very tired.  On occasion, she has had seizures from being very worried/stressed about something.  Her mind is in overdrive and she will have a seizure.   We make sure that she gets 10-11 hours a sleep a night and she eats pretty healthy for an 8 yr old.  We try to keep her filled with multi vitamins and Vitamin C to help prevent the flu and/or colds.  We do what we can to keep her healthy, but stress and lack of sleep is and will be unavoidable the older she gets.  She knows that these are triggers for her and she tries her best to not get worried about things.  She has actually started writing in a journal when she is upset or worried to help her rid herself of the stress.  It really seems to help her.  Good luck with your daughter.  I hope you find the answers that you need.
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I had my first seizure when i was 23 dont know why but I was put on Tegretol retard 2 in the morn and 2 at night I worked as a barman at the time so late nights ect... but i was having 2 a month i take grand mal i have right frontal lobe epilepsy i believe. I continued my visits to a neuroligist and eventually an eastern doctor prescribed Keppra for me because all along even in work id get double vision for bout 2 hour s it would go come back that night it was awful. At that time I paid for my meds i didnt realize in Ireland Epilepsy meds were free even to millionaires lol. My normal meds cost 40 euro but when the Keppra was introduced the bill came to bout 140 so its an expensive enough drug but i have to say I will never look back since being prescribed it. I now only take a seizure about once a year and that is when i forget to take meds for say 1 and a half days. I havnt been to my neuroligist since bout 3 years but i dont recomend that I will have to go soon. Also after bout 12 years at my job unfortunately they made my life difficult and discriminated against me so I eventually took a settlement but it was for the better because really those long hours were not a good combo anyway.  So the bottom line with me in my opionion is Keppra does the trick for me and I reckon the reason i didnt get it before hand was because it was more expensive.
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Seizures are very complicated - they whys and whatnots of the whole issue.  If a person with a history of seizures doesn't get enough sound sleep, they are at risk of having another seizure down the road.  If a person with a history of seizures bottles up his/her feelings or doesn't express his/her anger, frustration, etc. - they are at risk of having another seizure down the road.  THESE ARE RISKS - not absolutes.

I found, as a young girl, teenager and young married, I had more seizures.  But, I slept less, partied harder and always, but always, kept my anger, unhappiness, etc. to myself.  Now?  I've learned that when I'm mad, it might not be in my best interest to tell some where to go ..  . but I can still release all those feelings by a good cry.  I haven't had a seizure in over 20 years, and have been on only one drug.

Learn your body and mind.  Blessings to all,
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I am on keppra, and I had my first seizure and they said stress caused it.
The doctor said healthy food mainly because as everyone knows our bodies need to be healthy to function properly.Also a good diet has been proven to help stress as it has all the vitamins, iron etc etc to produce the happy pheromones (i believe that's the right word!)  As for drinking plenty of fluids not too sure. And plenty of rest is just so the brain can rest and it keeps stress levels and heart rate down.
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Oh my gosh - thank you everyone so much for your comments and the sharing of your experiences - I never went back to check out responses until now. I appreciate all the great info.

My daughter is still on Keppra - she lost her benefits for a short while and is set to lose them again. We found Costco has a great deal on generic Keppra - and we were assured by her neurologist that the generic works just as well as the real deal however her headaches increased. Back with Kaiser and Keppra - until end of year. No seizures for a few years now but she will remain on Keppra forever. She has lost some weight, is getting regular exercise but still has stress like the rest of us.

Be well everyone!

Thanks again for your responses!

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The reason you didn't get Keppra before is - it just came on the market around 2 years ago.  After a drug stays around for a long period - more people get on it, and it begins to get cheaper.  BUT, when newer and better drugs are introduced, and more people start taking them, the drug that has been around for awhile, gets expensive again.  I think it's all about supply and demand.
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