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Nothing on EEG

I am 19 years old, and when I was 7 I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Apparently I had Absence Seizures. I dont really remember most of them from when I was younger, but I was never put on meds, cuz my mom didnt believe in it. Last year I went back for another EEG. I did not have any seizures during this process. But I know I am still having them. My symptoms are queasiness, dizzyness, complete unfamilliarity with my surroundings. I know I havent moved, but NOTHING looks familliar. I have fear, and sometimes sweat. I feel extremely confused. This doesnt happen often though, maybe once a month. Could this be anything other than epilepsy?
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By your name I cannot guess whether you are male or female, so if you are male I apologize for this question. Does this happen just before your period? If so it could be connected to that ( i sometime have the feeling of confused, sweatiness and queasiness just before my period).

Saying that though your symptoms also sound like you are having absenses (i have epilepsy absences so I know those feelings).

Your are 19 and an ADULT go to your doctor, and tell him/her your concerns and symptoms. It sounds like you believe medicine can help so go for it. By doing this your helping yourself, your mom might be upset but say that "you want to give them a go and see if it helps, if it doesn't help no harm done" . Make sure your mom understands you are not doing it to hurt her.
Take care and let me know what happens
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