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Photosensitive epilepsy?

For the past year and a half I've been having something called myoclonus, which in plain old English means that I have involuntary muscles twitches. Some say that myoclonus can be a symptom of epilepsy and when I last saw my neuro in May, he said that he suspected that I have epilepsy even thought the 2 EEGs that I've had have been perfectly normal. I've been on anti-epileptics which really help with the twitches.
Last night I was watching an episode of House and they were trying to induce a seizure in a patient with the flashing strobe light and I found that my twitches went absolutely mad, it was like I was having a tonic clonic seizure but I didn't lose consciousness, I knew exactly what was going on.
So my question is does anyone think that I have photosensitive epilepsy? I can't ask my neuro because he is away for two weeks for a conference.
Thanks in advance
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Hi Trouble.. Only Me
That's interesting, sorry I can't say yes or no to your question, noise and touch set me off jerking, I'll have to try a flashing strobe light and see what happens.
It certainly sounds like you could have photosensitive epilepsy from your reaction.
Take care
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There is a very high probability that this is the case.

Try wearing tinted polarized eyeglasses and see if the myoclonus stops.

These are sometimes helpful in controlling photosensitive epilepsy.
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