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Found this forum a few months ago and find some of the responses given to be helpful. I will raise my concerns, along with some brief history; it will help in answering my question(s). This is a bit long, so be patient.

When I was 16 I had my first seizure. It was 11:30 pm and I was playing a game called Unreal Tournament when it happened. First, I felt my left hand start to shake violently, then my right shortly after, I wanted to call for help, but couldn't...and that's when the panic kicked it. I felt myself slowly falling off of the chair and can't remember anything from that point, until about 12:00 am. I felt confused and scared and felt as if I was going to die. My mom and bro called the EMTs and I was taken to the hospital. Nothing was done, I was simply sent home. But, I remember one of the EMTs telling me to eat something sweet every once in a while. For about 2 days my muscles were tight and ached, and my tongue was badly bitten, which made eating quite uncomfortable. I started clinic and was prescribed trileptal; which made me sick everytime I withdrew from it and started it back. My doc also told me to start exercising to increase bone density.

The 2nd time it happened, about a year after, and it was worse. It was during theday and I was watching television, it was 3:30pm (That's right, everytime I've had a seizure, I checked the time just before it happens; not strange, as I'm constantly checking the time)...I was on the living room couch and it started in the same way, my left hand started shaking, followed by my right, but this time I could feel saliva running out my mouth...I passed out and regained consciousness about 30 mins afterward. The same feelings of confusion and fear overcame me. No one was home this time and after I got my bearing and coordination back a bit, I phoned my brother, and was taken to the hospital. I was eating on a ceramic plate when it happened, it broke and it cut my chin open; I needed 5 stitches. This time, another doctor dealth with me, he stitched the wound, gave me a tetanus shot and recommended I stay away from the television or video games, get adequate rest and eat healthy. My doctor at the clinic also recommended this. My medication was changed to dilantin, but it still made me sick. They did an EEG on me about a year later and found everything to be normal, but I knew something was wrong. Another year passed and I never had another seizure; so my doc gave me my last prescription, but I didn't fill it; I hated the drugs, made me feel too sick.

After another year passed  I never got another attack. So, that's about 3 years since my last attack. From my own reading, I read about photosensitive epilepsy and since the attacks started, I stayed away from flashing lights, clubs, video games and I hardly watch TV, but my curiousity got the better of me. I read some where that in photosensitive epilepsy, that the seizure may not always occur at the time of stimulation, it can occur hours or days afterward. My curiousity got the better of me, and just to see if I was really over this, in 2009 (I was 22 in '09) I went to youtube and looked at several seizure-causing(I know, not smart - I came to regret it). About a week later on, while on the computer, the same thng happened...shaking left arm, then my right...then I pass out. This time I actually broke my jaw and had a few bumps on my head afterward. The tongue bites were worse as well as the pain and soreness a few days afterward. I was taken to the hospital where they monitored me for the night, then sent me home.

And lastly, before my first seizure, a few months prior, I remember waking up in bed having the same feeling I would have after I had a seizure. I was scared and afraid I was going to die and very confused as to my surroundings and didn't know what caused it. It took me about an hour to get back to sleep and I awoke the next morning worried, but feeling refreshed. I don't think I had any muscle pain, but only after my first seizure did I relate the two as the feeling was the same.

My question to you, what do you think this is? I'm not looking for a strict medical diagnosis, just some opinions and advice from people who are more knowledgeable or have more experience with it. The EEG results didn't show anything out of the ordinary, mind you, the EEG test was done a while after I started medication. I didn't have a seizure for about a year before they did that EEG test (that's very backward to me). But, I ask, what does this sound like? I'm believe it to be epilepsy and would appreciate any insight on the matter.

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Thanks Dainty!!!

I  don't know if this is the same thing. I don't even know if it's epilepsy, as the EEG didn't show anything. Any other opinions?
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My kids have a form of epilepsy that kicks in at puberty.  Its called Janz syndrome or Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy.  I wish you well*
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