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Seizures idiopathic vs. head injuries

At age 18 years old I was diagnosed with Anxiety Neurosis in 1972 by a US Army Doctor.  No treatment was given at that time. Then, in 1975, I had a lacerated scalp injury and blunt force trauma to the right side top of head. It was an open head wound. It required 8-10 stitches to close the wound. Within 6 months I started seizure like symptoms. I would suddenly stop breathing, my back would arch up-ward and I would row off the sofa onto the hardwood flooring gasping for breath. I was nervous and jittery the rest of the night. At first they came only once a month.  Then, in 1977, I had another accident. Same spot on head, lacerated scalp, open head wound, blunt force trauma. Another 6 stitches to close wound.  Now, having neurologica episodes twice a month night or day. I lost my ability to write with my hands, mispelled words, left out letters in sentences, constantly having to correct my writings.  I had sudden black out spell falling down in 1981 while carrying heavy steel typewriter, resulting in another head would right temple. In 2008, Veterans Doctors claim my sickness to be only Generalized Anxiety Disorder and nothing else.  My question is can Generalized Anxiety Disorder or Anxiety Neurosis last for 36 years without stop?  Western Neurology Group Diagnosed me with Complex Partial Seizure in 1986.   I am very confused here, help.
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Anxiety neurosis is a mild deviation of mind with unpleasant, distressing emotion usually to be distinguished from fear.

Whenever the victim is anxious the adrenaline and cortisone are released in the blood stream. It quickens the heart with palpitation, breathing becomes shallow; the muscles becomes tense; the energy is wasted with this abnormal situation which leads to unbounded tiredness and headache.
Ross has defined it, as a series bf symptoms, which arise from faulty adaptation to the stresses and strain of life. It is caused by over action in an attempt to meet these difficulties.
Anxiety neurosis is a psychosomatic disorder.  Generally having distressing sensation of confinement or being fenced in the feeling of being helplessly exposed to some indeterminate threat, mental unrest and tension, is feature of anxiety.
It requires proper counseling and medications.since it is to do with one, personality it can remain with you for life unless you take appropriate measures to deal with it.
A complex partial seizure is an epileptic seizure that is limited to one cerebral hemisphere and causes impairment of awareness or responsiveness.Once consciousness is impaired, the person may display automatisms such as lip smacking, chewing, or swallowing.
They may be more likely in people who have had a head injury, brain infection, stroke, or brain tumor but most of the time the cause is unknown.
Ithink that if you are dealing with your anxiety in the right way you can definitely get some control over your mind.When you are no longer exhibiting the symptoms of anxiety neurosis and then if you get these seizure like symptoms then it would be  acceptable that you do have a physical problem.
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Would GAD or Anxiety Neurosis explain what happened to me in Germany, December 1975. I went to sleep in my bed one night and I was very relaxed and looking forward to a good nights sleep.  In the middle of the night, I suddenly awoke, I was not breathing, my chest locked up like the tires on a car. No air into or out of my lungs. My head was spinning around and my arms were frailing around and so was my feet kicking at the sametime. My bed was beside the window so, my wife opened it up and grabbed a handful of snow.  She wanted to help me out so she thought.  I could not feel the snow on my face, my skin was numb.  My brain felt like it was turning around in my skull cap. Soon it was all over and my breath slowly came back to normal.  I fell into instant sleep my wife said right there on the floor beside the bed.  I awoke the next morning feeling like I was getting over a hang-over.  The next day we went to the post doctor office and they US Army doctor claimed to have never heard of such symptoms and me and my wife had explained to him.  The Army Clinic took no action on my complaint. These types of incidents took place once a month after that.  December 1975 was about 6 months after my first head injury while on active duty. (Accident date June 1975)
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