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Siezures and dizziness

I'm a 22 yr. old male. When I was a kid I was diagnosed with siezures {they also said I had a left, frontal, cavernous angioma. I had two doctors. The brain surgeon said that caused the seizures, but the pediatric neurologist said the cavernous angima had nothing to do with the siezures}. I had no convulsions, but my eyes rolled back in my head for a couple seconds. Well, I was put on Zarontin and after a few years they "weened" me off it, and it seems that my seizures were gone. Later {when I was around 17 or 18 yrs old} I went back to get a 24 hr. EEG {because I was having dizzy spells}. Well, it said, though you couldnt see it by looking at me, I was having frequent seizures {by looking at me, you may think I'm having a day-dream}. They also had me close my eyes and flash light at me for a time, and yes, it gave me seizures. My doctor, however, put down that I my siezures had been resolved {and she never put me on anymore medication} I dont know why. Now, I am having severe dizzy spells {I've had them since youth, but they're getting more constant}. The room's not spinning or anything, but I'm really off balance. For a while it was constant, constant, constant. Now I have some breaks in between dizzy spells, but its still really bad. It was suggested to me that it may be diabetes, but when I wasnt feeling good I took my blood sugar and it was good.
Any advice or insight would be appreciated. Because of this I probably wont be able to join the military like I planned, and now I'm thinking about becoming a police investigator in college, so I'm kindof obsessing over this, hoping I'll be able to do that. Not to mention I need a job, and I cant work with this dizziness. Thanks.

PS. The medications I take mow are {not for seizures}: Metoprolol 100mg, Citalopram 20mg, Doxycycl 100mg.

And they gave me Rugby Travel Sickness {with meclizine 25mg] for my dizziness but it did no good. It just knocked me out.
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Oh, and sometimes the left side of my head tingles and two of my toes on my left foot go numb. But they {dizziness, toe numbness, tingling head} can all happen at seperate times. I dont know if they have anything to do with eachother or not.
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I have dizzy spells, too, along with other type of seizure and Topamax helps me a lot.  I also have problems with strobe lights during an EEG, even on Topamax :(  Nothing else helps the dizzy spells.    

Get a copy of that EEG and go to another doctor for evaluation.  I mean, you can't really hide a seizure...if you had a seizure it'll show up on the EEG.  It's a good idea to let another doctor look at the EEG and see what he thinks.  

Avoid strobe light-like things.  If CRTs are set at a slow refresh rate, like 65Hz, I get dizzy and throw up if I look at them for more than a couple minutes.  Before I started Topamax my threshold was about 20 seconds, so my tolerance has improved...lol.    I'm soooo glad not many CRTs are around anymore!  If you have a CRT and you find yourself getting dizzy spells a lot when you're working on the computer, change the refresh rate or get a new monitor.  

I hope this helps.
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