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Simple Partial Seizures

Hello everyone, I am new here, I have been on the MS and Lyme forum but have had some questions regarding the type of seizures that I have. I was dx'd with simple partial seizures after having 5 abnormal EEG's.

According to my Neuro. .. the slurred speech that I have had that would last up to two weeks long are a seizure, and that my brain is misfiring and getting stuck for two weeks.

Just wondering if any of you have ever heard of that? Would that be considered an emergency type situation if it lasts for more than hour???? Has anyone else ever experienced slurred speech for that long and it be considered a seizure?

Thanks for any input,
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I've seen similar things: people who develop slow speech or talk without any affect for weeks after what seems like a seizure. However, epilepsy specialists often hesitate to call this seizure activity. There are a variety of other brain phenomena that can account for speech difficulties, from TIAs (mini-strokes) to nutritional deficiencies or even infections.

Sudden-onset slurred speech is an important clinical sign that should be evaluated straight away to rule out stroke or similar life-threatening events. If all that is ruled out, then begins a long process of seeing specialists, undergoing tests, trying meds, and maybe finding out what's happening (or maybe not).

I know the above isn't straight-forward, but in my experience, this is what may happen.
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After tonic clonics i always have slurred speack but that never lasts long. Recently i had an event in which i had slurred speech without a tonic clonic. It lasted an hour and my doc calls it a seizure. That's all the info i can give you on this i'm afraid. Not being a doctor, i don't want to give anymore than my personal experience.
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Thank you both so much. I have been through all tests imaginable. I was first dx'd with a TIA, but my 2nd neuro took that away and said simple partial seizures. I worked with the mentally and phsically challenged for years and have dealt quite a bit with seizures amongst them, but I have never heard of a slurred speech episode that can go on for weeks be labeled a seizure disorder.

I am in the process of seeing a lyme literate doc. and from what I understand, some of the symptoms such as seizures, can be from lyme.

Thanks again for your input, greatly appreciated,
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I have suffered Epilepsy for 50 years, like yourself suffer with Simple partial seizures but in fors of Clusters every 30 minutes throughout the day and then continue the following day.

I have been a volutary worker for an Epilepsy support group for several years but never heard of what you experience.
To me it appears that during the seizure all the disfunction and activity of the brain may be interfering with certain brain cells that control your speach, once the seizure is over your speach is still affected.

A seizure normally lasts several minutes never heard of one lasting weeks!

In my personal opinion i would get a second opinion from a different Neurologist.

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