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Vibration in back and Face! Please help?

I am 22 years old, and for over a year now have been experiencing vibrations in my upper back and right cheek. Back before it started i would feel something like a shock travel up my spine and into the back of my head. That went away and I was left with this reoccurring vibration sensation in my back and face. I do have a history of Seizures, but this is nothing like any seizure I've ever experienced. I was taken off a medicine called Depakote back in march, right before i got pregnant with my now 3 month old baby. I was just wondering if maybe this could be some type of other neurological disease, or if it might possibly be nerve damage from the many seizures i had as a little girl? Or even a side effect of taking Depakote/Valproic Acid for so many years? I mean when they started me out, I was on like 250 mg of 5 pills a day, they kept me on such high dosage for close to 7 years, and then lowered me down to 3 pills a day. Until gradually I outgrew my seizures. If anyone has anyone has some answers, I'm up for learning what this vibration could possibly be?  

Thank you!
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Hi there!
There are many conditions which can cause vibration sensations in your body. The symptoms of vibrating sensation could suggest nerve pathology. People suffering from multiple sclerosis, seizures or TIAs have described this feeling.  A spine problem, such as a protruding intervertebral disc, with slight compression of the nerves, diabetes mellitus all can cause these symptoms. I would suggest that you get an MRI of the brain with contrast to evaluate for a protruding disc and a structural lesion such as MS, stroke, tumor, etc.  I would also suggest an EEG to evaluate for any possible seizure activity. If these tests turn out to be normal then consider the possibility of stress and anxiety. You need to consult a neurologist. Hope it helps.
Best luck!
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