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What did your EEG results reveal?

When the EEG is finished, the results are interpreted by a neurologist (a doctor who specializes in the nervous system). The EEG records the brain waves from various locations in the brain. Each area produces a different brain wave strip for the neurologist to interpret.When examining the recordings, the neurologist looks for certain patterns that represent problems in a particular area of the brain.For example, certain types of seizures have specific brain wave patterns that the trained neurologist recognizes.Likewise, a normal brain has a specific brain wave pattern that the trained neurologist recognizes.The neurologist must look at all recorded tracings, decide what is normal and what is not, and determine what the abnormal tracings represent.The neurologist forwards the EEG results to the doctor who ordered the test, and the patient is then notified as arranged.
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Focal abnormalities:  Temporal rythmical delta lasting 2-4 seconds, with shifting lateralization and intermittient spikes.    Paroxysmal abnormalities:  Frequent 5-10 bursts of sharp activity and spkes with abrupt onset and cessation.  Clinical seizure activity not described, however.    EEG Classification:  Abnormal study, paroxysmal, indicative of a deeper level distubance.
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My EEG results revealed diffuse slowing of the background electrical activity of my brain. I am worried.
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My EEG results revealed abnormality in the awake, drowsy and asleep states due to the presence of rare left anterior temporal sharp wave with maxima f7 and rare wide field anterior sharp wave, and frequent polymorphic theta range slowing in the left temporal region suggestive of a moderate focal cerebral dysfunction in this region.
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I had a sleep driven EEG and found out that there were traces of epilepsy, but the doctor didn't want to give me medication if I didn't need it. He said this is all because I got drunk last Christmas, passed out, and my body went stiff. I was told if it happens again to just phone an ambulance. Well, it won't happen because I'm not drinking as I want to get my license back. Also the trace went back to 17 years ago.
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