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Why is she having them?

My daughter has had three seizures in three years the last one was in Feb of 09, I have taken her to the Dr. and they don"t know. She is now 17 and would like to drive but is afriad she could have another one. We live in MT and cannot get a nuerologist to see her because we have no insurance. Is there a kind of epilepsy that would cause seizures to be so far apart? I am very frustrated and depleted of resources for anymore tests. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Tara
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hi i am 28 years old and seeing a neuro for migrains he started all these test on me and now he says he wants to put me on seizure meds because he sees seizure activity in my brain from me doing an in office eeg and a 48hr. one when they hook the device to your head and u take it home and it records your brain function on this tiny machine has she ever had one of them well i didnt want to take the meds because of to many sideffects and i have human resources insurance from the state call your local human resource office or go on the net and fill out a mi child for her since she still is 17 and u can get her insurance for 5 bucks a month and or just fill out a application for human resource government funded insurance for both of u u always need health insurance it is a neccesity and they say that some seizure last 30sec and u wouldnt even know your having them because there just that quick research the different types of seizures because there are alot of them and u might find some symptoms that u due notice that your daughter does and that might be the types of seizures she has they say they go unoticed at least 80% of the time hope everything works out for u and your daughter!
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Hi tnttara, i also live in montana, my daughter was recently diagnosed with a disorder called CM1or chiari malformation which is a hernia in her brain. I am not telling you your daughter has this, however, my daughter started with what they called "rolandic seizures" which are siezures that come on and off and are spread out. you may want your daughter to have an MRI on her brain which is the only way to get a quick answer as to whether she has a malformation. A brand new neurologic center has just opened next to kalispell regional hospital with 5 of the best neurologists in the state. Best of luck to you and your daughter and God bless.
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