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could a body injury or stress lead to seizure activity?


I'm writing to this forum as I have found it hard to get into my neurologist to make an appt.  I'm a 32 yr old male who up until the beginning of 08'  has never had any reason to beleive that I am epileptic.  Since Jan 08,  I started having what I came to refer to as "up,down" moments where I would get almost prophetic like feelings that would last for about 10-30 seconds and felt great.  They would be followed by a complete crash that left me feeling enraged and angry at everything around me for also about 10-30 seconds.  Eventually in May, I had a grande mal seizure and was taken to hospital where a cat scan, eeg, and mri followed.  eeg showed unusual activity and the mri showed enlarged ventricles which I was told by a neurologist are completely unrelated to my seizure activity.  He went on to tell me that the "up, down" feelings I described were likely mini seizures and told me I am most likely epileptic.  I am now on Dilantin and have been not to work or drive for 6 months.
This said my questions are
1. Could stress lead to seizure activity?
2.  Could a body injury lead to seizure activity?
3.  Is it possilbe that I hit my head in an accident and not aware of it?

I was in a bus crash Dec 21/07 and had bad lower back bruising and rib contusion/bruising as a result.  I was unable to take a full breath for 2 weeks after because of the rib pain.  I've read that my age it is very uncommon to just start having seizures short of a tumor or some diseases.  It seems really weird to me that all of this has started happening post accident.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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Hi adamcanuck,

How are you? Stress in the body or illness usually triggers seizure. According to research, stress can cause changes in the brain which affect how the nerve cells work with each other, especially those around any damaged areas of the brain. This can increase the risk of seizures occurring.There are other possible seizure triggers such as skipping of medication, hormones, drugs or food. You can learn more about this through this link: http://www.epilepsy.org.uk/info/triggers.html

Sometimes, you do not remember what happens during or even after the seizure. It is advisable to have medical alert tags so that the people around you will know what to do. It is helpful also to have support groups in your area or even in the net, one example is:  http://www.geocities.com/epilepsy911/

I hope this helps. Take care and keep me posted.

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Yes, yes and yes. Not enough details for this post crash epileptic to give any useful advice without more detail, but adult onset seizures I'm getting to be an expert on and would like to help but need more detail.
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Hi paladin2

I know that I must have been out for a second or two as when I realized what had happened after the bus had stopped moving my teeth were buried into the seat in front of me and I must have screamed because at the time it seemed as if a lot of people were looking at me or so I thought.  I don't honestly recall hitting my head but I ended up in a seat that wasn't the one that I was in before the first initial part of the crash.  We were traveling about 80 km/h in snowy conditions and I had leaned out into the aisle when I heard a guy tell the driver to slow the hell down.  A few seconds later we hit the side of a cement barricade and deflected back across the road into the side of a mountain and slid along the side of it.  I told the paramedic at the time I didn't have any head pain once I was off the bus but my ribs were broke and that was all I was really thinking about.  I know they did some sort of cognitive tests(think that's the word for it) and said I seemed alert.  My first aura so I learned later was about a week after the accident.  At the time, I thought maybe it was stress but I've never had such intense feelings in my life that I described as up/down moments later on.  It wasn't until May that I had a grande mal seizure and tests done that I realized that what I was experiencing were seizures all along.  I've never had these in my life so just trying to figure why now.  Thanks for your response.
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