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memory loss from tegretol?

I have been taking Tegretol XR (carbemazipene) for several years now to treat partial frontal-lobe seizures. I have noticed an increase in memory loss. It has been remarked on at work where things have been brought up by my supervisors and co-workers that I have absolutely no memory of. Does Tegretol have an effect on memory? If so, is it reversible?
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There have been some reports of memory loss and disturbance of other cognitive functions including alertness following Carbamazepine (Tegretol) use. The effect of the seizure focus in the frontal lobe can't be denied. The two combined together may be responsible for the memory loss.

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I have been on Tegretol for approx. 30 years. I can't even remember what I wore yesterday. My neurologist looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned this symptom/side effect. I am also taking dilantin and depakote. Depression is a side effect FOR ME and most depression medications causes seizures. There is only a few types I can take.... I believe I am in a catch 22,  

Best of luck to you!
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I was diagnosed in January as having temporal and frontal lobe epilepsy, probably as an artifact of a stroke. I am on Tegretol XR and have noticed severe memory impairment. I was on two Anti-depressants, Cymbalta and Lexipro for major depression and fibromyalgia and had to stop both as they lower the seizure threshhold...thus both of those are worse. Have found that riding in a car (surrond movement) and watching tv are still triggers. Boy, my world continues to shrink.
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@All- wasn't sure how else to get this on the forum. Thnx for the comments. Not entirely reassuring (wanted to hear  "no there are no issues, you're just getting old") . Guess I'll take this up with my neurologist when next I see him. Can't change meds (allergic to Dilantin, makes me look like a Trill) but glad to know I can blame depression on meds instead of self.
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i m 18 yrs n i m on tegritol since d past 3 yrs n i had my 1st seizure when i was in my 11th std........after den i din't hv it for 2yrs n den i suddenly reduced d dose frm 200mg to 100mg.......after which i had another seizure n had 2 start up d medication again n nw take sum vitamin supplement 2 named kivit-z.......
i wanted 2 4 hw many more years will i hv 2 continue dis medicine n is dere sum other treatment 4 dis----
like in homeopathy or ayurvedic?
is it useful n how many years does it take?
plz suggest...........thanks!
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Sapna- Tegratol does not cure epilepsy. Nothing cures it, except possibly surgery and that is problematic at best. Epilepsy is not a disease like the flu which is caused by an orgnism and can be removed/destroyed. It is a condition like diabetes which can be controlled but that will be done with medication.
I've never heard of homeopthic/ayurvedic treatments for epilepsy, but I won't say they don't exist. However I suggest you be very skeptical. The risk of changing from something that works to something that may not is very high. This is your BRAIN we are taking about. If you damage it, you will have nothing left.
A person can live a full and meaningfull life with epilepsy, if they are carefull to manage it. If they are not carefull, they can destroy that life.
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