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please help !! could this be a seizure?

i have been getting wierd feelings in my head and face like little electric shocks, around my eyes will have a weird numb type of a feeling then my jaw will ache and go slack and all of a sudden i get this overwhelming weakness all over my body  and a sort of "dropping" feeling, then i get scared and my heart rate jumps to like 200bpm, its not my heart cause i have been checked out, also sometimes i get a weird sensation in my throat with it as well, i do not always get all of these symptoms at the same time and when i do get them i feel like it is hard to breathe, not like hyperventilating or anything but like very slow breathing, then it goes away except i am very tired and weak for a while afterwords, my doc said it not a seizure cause i dont lose conciousness, any ideas? has anyone had these symptoms with a seizure?
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Please find another doctor!!! Not all seizures make you lose conciousness!!! I have had a number of the odd feelings you speak of. I was dx'd with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy; I have simple partial seizures. I never lose conciousness (so far). Find a good neurologist have a EEG done. Keep us posted on what happens.
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I have been experiencing those type of symptoms recently but my doctor has put it down to stress and anxiety. I had have had an EEG done about 4 months ago, but had no results back. I have only recently started having these feelings (bout 3 wks ago). So really i am as confussed as you at the min. I just writing to say that you are not on your own with these feelings and i know how worrying it is as i am terrified at the minute. Let me know if you find out anything thanx Emma
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What? 4 months without results? that is crazy!
There are many reasons that you could be feeling this way.
I would say #1 look at your nutritional choices. Eat a very clean diet. Nothing processed, and stay away from neurotoxins, such as sodas, and MSG and related byproducts.
Then consider eliminating gluten, casein, soy, and corn from your diet. They are the top four allergens and can cause neurological problems.
Do some research on these and you will see why they can cause the problems that you are having.
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