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seizure at night in 2 year old?


I'm hoping someone on here has been through something similar, or can offer some advice.

Last night, my husband and I put our 2 year old son to bed. About 2 hours later, we heard him rolling around in bed and then we heard him talking. Right after, he started to cry. We went in there and he was crying and on his tummy, but kind of in a push up position. His eyes were closed and he was unresponsive to the fact that we were there. We sat him up and he started shaking, sort of moving his arms and legs in a weird way. He was able to sit there, but his eyes were still squeezed shut and he was still crying. I picked him up and he cried even more. His arms and legs were still doing that weird shaking thing. They weren't violent jerks and he was kind of limp, almost like he was sleeping, but he was awake, if that makes sense? He had no fever but was sweating and he cried and screamed like he was in pain for about 5 minutes and me holding him didn't help. We were about to call an ambulance, when he started to calm down and acknowledge that were were there. He was fine after that, he was wide awake and wanted to watch a movie. We kept him in our bed for about 2 hours after that, and then put him in his own. He was fine all night and woke at his usual time this morning. He has been his normal self all day too. I took him to the doctor today and she wasn't too concerned. She said if it happens again to let her know, but there is no way to know what it was and at this point, she doesn't see the need for any tests. She has referred us to a pediatrician just in case but that will take a couple of months. She said sometimes kids have night terrors or seizures and usually its a once in a lifetime thing.

I am still worried of course, but am a bit reassured. I am wondering if this does sound like a seizure to any of you. If it is, does that mean its a sign of something very serious?? Or could it be something he grows out of? If this happens again, do I call an ambulance or wait and see if he comes out of it again? Could it have been a night terror? Does the doctor's advice sound reasonable to you?

Thank you so much for your time and responses. I am just a worried mom. :)
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I am new to this site so I am not sure if I am suppose to answer questions on here or if a medical person is suppose to.  I am in no way a doctor but I can tell you that there is a possibility that he has Epilepsy.  It sounds somewhat like what my son went through before he was diagnosed with it.  Also, after reading various articles and things about the disease, it does specify that if it only happens once, it is NOT epilepsy.  If this happens again, I would suggest you take him to a Neurologist.

My son started with this about two years ago and they tried to say it was night terrors at first.  In the meantime, he was suffering from Epilepsy and it went untreated all that time.  He would wake up in the middle of the night taking a deep breath and then jumping in circles and gagging (like he couldn't breath), his face was stiff, his eyes were open but he seemed a little out of it at the same time.  He would run through the house hitting walls and hitting the furniture until he could breath and then he would yell and scream, then cry, then go back to normal.  All of this was consistent every single time and it would keep him up all night long (literally) every 3-4 minutes for weeks at a time this would happen.

He went to his pediatrician, psychologist, gastreo dr., sleep studies, EEG's, Video EEG, Cardiologist, Pulmonary,  ER's.  I mean it was ridiculous how many doctors he saw before he was diagnosed properly.  If he does it again, don't rule it out and demand that he be tested for it.

I wish you luck and hopefully this won't happen again. If I can keep just one child from a prolonged and needed diagnosis then I would be happy.  A child should never have to go that long without proper treatment. I just didn't know about the disease because it doesn't run on my side of the family.
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