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simple partial seizures??

Hello thank -you for reading. In december 08 I had a seizure, i guess what would be considered a tonic clonic kind. I experienced another one Feb 12 09. I was sent to a neurologist. I had eeg, sleep eeg and mri. All turned out "normal". From Dec until now I am also having these wierd sensations which are hard to describe..please bear with me. It happens most frequently at night, or im already in bed, although on occasion they happen during the day if im very tired. I get what i feel is a lightning bolt sensation in my body. It seems to start from the chest. (cardiac problems ruled out).. from there I will either hear something that isnt there or percieve a smell that isnt there, like burning or skunk or something like that.. while thats happenning it always looks like the lights are flickering on and off very fast. Sometimes these last for 10 seconds... the longest being about a minute long.. Anyhow I know you cannot make a diagnosis, but does this sound a little like simple partials? Another thing i noticed through keeping track of these, is that they are much stronger and way more frequent one day prior and right through my menstrual cycle.. I hope you dont think i sound crazy.. I have no psychiatric issues.... but perhaps im feeling defeated as I have no solid answers..  Thank you.. Im not sure where to go from here..
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Just a thought. This is what happened to me. For years all of my tests kept coming back normal. I've had no other health issues.

Check your dental work for a bad root canal.

My dentist didn't even have a clue, but another doctor finally looked at this and saw the problem. In a bad root canal, you have no feeling, so it goes untreated. For about 10 years, mine had caused infection which went into my lymph gland and meningal system. Every few weeks due to just normal circulation, it would cause a swelling in my brain which would result in mild seizures. For years I didn't even consider them seizures because usually they were so mild that they resembled migraines. I even considered "silent" migraines because they were normally painless. Over the years, MRIs, CT scans, etc were all normal. Finally I had an "episode" at work where I was unresponsive for about 3 minutes, with only a slight shaking of my wrist. They had to send me to the ER, I had to be cleared with the DMV to drive - even though I had been driving without any problems for years. The good thing was that this trip to the ER resulted in an MRI right then and there where my brain was swollen at the time and the doctor saw it and told me about it.
From there, I was referred to a very senior doctor who even teaches at the medical college. He instantly diagnosed me as epileptic and put me on a drug. (Another through the revolving door of his drugged patients.) He didn't know what to do with me when I had the most horrendous side effects so he wouldn't return my calls.
Anyway, my other doctors (at the Center for Advanced Medicine, Encinitas, CA), saw that my root canal had gone bad and two weeks later I had it pulled. NO REOCCURENCE of these seizures. NO meds since the antibiotics that I took to take care of the infection.
Dr. Kellas and Dr. Drucker will tell you that it isn't a matter of "if" but of "when" a root canal will go bad. People have wound up in wheelchairs due to complications of bad root canals causing infections that wreaked havoc in their bodies!  Check this out, and I hope you find what is ailing you. It's SO frustrating when the tests keep coming back "normal" but your body keeps reacting to something strange.

I hope that you find whatever it is that's causing your symptoms. If you want to check out this clinic, (in Encinitas, in north San Diego), they look for the root causes of things. On KPRZ, you can hear them on their call in show on Saturdays, 9am -10am PST. Listen online at www.kprz.com. They are wonderful doctors.

God bless, and I hope you find relief soon.
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Wow...really.. I had no idea about that at all. Although I don't have any root canals..thats really interesting..I'm glad you found out what the source of your problems was. And yes this is very frustrating...
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i just read about your root canal. wow. i recently posted a situation about my daughter. she does have a bad tooth. but has never had a root canal. ......maybe thats what caused her most recent issue? what do u think
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sorry about the above message....lol i sent it to u when i meant to send it to dyan.

  wanted to let u know that my daughters episodes have sometimes been around her monthly cycle as well.
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Could there be a connection in having a root canal done and within 3 days having a partial brain seizure?
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