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types of seizures

im 19 years old i think Ive bin having absence or atonic seizure and some other weird symptoms..i don't know
what is going on with me..
i feel a weird tingling in my head and really skared n anxious, then my body feels really heavy n i cant move. my mom also says i stare straight into nothing and after i feal really hot n sweaty n tired. they don't last that long probably like a minute or so.. i also feel like my day is going by differently like time is going by really fast or ill forget what i did that day. some times ill just feel out of it like really light headed n things look different or brighter or things feel different. im really want to know whats going on with me. some 1 plz help
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Hello and welcome!  
During atonic seizures there is a temporary lapse in muscle tone. These episodes last for usually less than few seconds. Sudden head drop while standing, sitting is common. The characteristic of absence seizures is abrupt and sudden onset impairment of consciousness, a blank stare or possibly a brief upward rotation of the eyes. The only diagnostic test for absence seizures and atonic seizures is EEG.  MRI brain may be needed to rule out diseases like stroke or a brain tumor. It is advisable to see a neurologist. After a thorough systemic and neurological examination he will advise you investigations. Do keep us posted.
Take care and regards!
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