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what makes seizures worse (simple partial seizures) etc


what kind of things make seizures worse and more specifically (simple partial seizures).

for example

computer screen, thirsty, lack of quality sleep, concentrating for periods of time, heat etc

and what people feel before they have a seizure like an hour or two before , if anything??

if possible could you state your personal experiences, and any website links you may have,

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I was just recently diagnosed yesterday. I had an abnormal EEG on both sides of the brain and was put on Depacote. I have headaches, oculars, memory loss and flashing lights.

The things that set mine off are- the computer screen, stress, brightlight, being too tired, reading, staring at something too long.

I feel normal an hour or two before.

The feeling I get is right before- sometimes its in my eyes and sometimes i get this feeling of something moving up the back right side of my head. Or I get a weird sensation in my head.

When I get the headaches, they always come on about 4 a.m. and gradually get worse, they are generally accompanied by oculars or a feeling of my eyes being crossed and held there.

The memory loss stays for about a week or two after the headaches. Its like I have a conversation or ask someone a question and then I don't remember what they said.
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I have complex partials, but I think some of the triggers are the same.  For me, stress, lack of sleep, and not taking my meds are my triggers.  My most significant trigger is my period, as hormonal changes can trigger seizures.  I also avoid alcohol -- usually stopping at 2 drinks.  I do not have a problem with flashing lights, but I know many people do.

In the 15+ years that I've had epilepsy and talked to others about their experience, I've learned that the feelings prior to a seizure very widely.  The most common ones I've heard of are the ones above, in addition to an odd taste in the mouth (sometimes a metalic taste).  I personally have a feeling of deja vu--but I haven't known of anyone else that has.

Check out this link and other information on the efa.org site for more information.

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When my seizures first began in the early part of this year I noticed them because of headaches and deja vu. Very confusing time. Did not know that they were seizures at the time and thought it was "in my head" not really in my head. I have multiple symptoms now but the deja vu feelings are not as often
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